September 29, 2023
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Psychopathic News

Twitter beef between Monoxide and B-Real of Cypress Hill? (Final Update)

This just started poppin’ up about an hour ago, so things look to still be developing.  Someone originally mentioned that they would LOVE to see

Footage from the Kaos & Kronik Tour!

A ninja named Moonshine attended the Kaos & Kronik Tour in Sauget, IL. He was able to catch some pretty dope footage and wanted to share it

Press Release about Mighty Death Pop infomercial

We just received a press release about the unveiling of the Mighty Death Pop infomercial from what looks to be a marketing firm that Psychopathic Records has

New Hatchet Herald from Friday – 4/20

What up y’all?  Sorry for my absence over the past couple of days!  It has been a busy weekend, but today there is NOTHING on

The Mighty Death Pop infomercial is here! (Now with notes on each release!)

OK, we’ve all waited long enough!  It’s early afternoon, and the Mighty Death Pop infomercial has officially dropped!  It’s 19 minutes long, and I haven’t even started

Scans of Violent J article in SPIN Magazine!

Here’s yet another hookup from your homies at Faygoluvers!  A few days ago, we posted about a ICP Appearing in SPIN Magazine.  I never had

DJ Paul’s “For I Have Sinned” mixtape featuring ICP out NOW!

The new mixtape by DJ Paul, “For I Have Sinned”, is out NOW for Free Download!  The album features 22 Tracks including one called “Go And

“Monster Man” show on SYFY wants ICP on next season!

A few months back, we posted about a new show on the SYFY Channel called Monster Man.  Why were we covering this? Well the show is

VIP Footage and pics from MN Kaos & Kronik Tour!

So here’s a Fat fuckin hookup for that ass!  I received an email from a ninja named Matt Vinge who made his way out to the

DJ Paul of Three 6 Mafia to release Mixtape featuring ICP!

Breaking news Juggalos and Juggalettes!  Tomorrow afternoon, DJ Paul of the Three 6 Mafia will be releasing a brand new mixtape called “For I Have Sinned”!  According

Kaos & Kronik VIP Package Commercial!

There’s a brand new commercial that was just put up a few minutes ago by both Jamie Madrox and Monoxide!  They tell you about everything that goes

Twiztid interview on Strange Music’s BlogTalk Channel (Stream Inside)

Twiztid was live earlier this afternoon on Strange Music’s Blogtalk Channel!  Who knows what all will be covered, but you need to tune in NOW to

AllHipHop covers Big Hutch’s signing to Psychopathic!

At, they put up a small blurb about Above the Law‘s Big Hutch (aka Cold 187um) signing a one album deal with Psychopathic Records! So you

Commercial for ICP show in Columbus, OH (4/28)!

A special, one-off Insane Clown Posse show for you ninjas in the Columbus, OH area?  Why the fuck WOULDN’T you be there?? [youtube width=”560″ height=”344″][/youtube] Get your

Interview with Twiztid + new album info!

Twiztid did an interview for Backstage Entertainment before their show on Kaos and Kronik Tour. They also revealed some info about their newest album coming