September 28, 2023
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ICP Apologizes for sound fuck-ups during Hatchet Attacks

So I unfortunately wasn’t able to watch the entire stream of Hatchet Attacks.  I did hear some audio rips of some of the live ICP footage that did sound pretty fucked up.  I thought it may have just been a problem with the stream, but apparently not!  According to ICP, the sound was SUPERB until they hit the stage.  What exactly happened?  Why don’t you just read it from ICP’s perspective:



We just wanted to apologize for the fucked up sound problems that just about ruined ICP’s set at Hatchet Attacks. Something fucked up like that only happens once and a great while on the road. Very rarely does everything go wrong during a big one-off Pay Per View event like this.

We feel terrible about this shit, but the problem was out of our control. On stage, we couldn’t understand what was happening. It seemed to be getting worse and worse up there. We were lost throughout the entire show, trying to make sense of the two tracks playing at once and it was causing us to fuck up the lyrics even to songs we’ve known forever.

We just hope you ninjas enjoyed the rest of Hatchet Attacks. We know for a fact Anybody Killa murdered the audience with a devastating show, as well as Twiztid, Blaze Ya Dead Homie, and Cold 187. JCW Wrestling was completely off the chains and we even have a brand new JCW World Champion in 2 Tuff Tony! The Juggalos in the house were extra crazy, loud, and proud including the infamous and awesome ‘505 Juggalos’!

All and all, it was a fresh ass night until ICP took the stage and everything that could have gone wrong with the sound system did. And for that, once again we are terribly sorry. What can we say except shit happens? We will survive this because the Wicked Clowns never die!

Much Clown Love,



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    Faygoluvers Comments

  1. VoiceNameless

    Comment posted on Friday, June 1st, 2012 12:36 pm GMT -5 at 12:36 pm

    They should give some kind of compensation to the people who can prove they ordered the event (even if it is an exclusive download or something along those lines). Not for nothing, but I hate when nobody except ICP has a stage set when its a mega Psychopathic show like this, and their “fuck ups” were consistent for every single track where they tried to leave the vocals on and rap over them instead of performing the tracks live (except adlibs, etc). I tuned in at 9 (which I believe was the advertised start time) and had already missed all of JCW and Cold 187, catching from the middle of ABK’s set on. During that time there was maybe three total “backstage interviews” that consisted of nobody knowing wtf was going on except who was up next lol, but the shitty part for me was that it didn’t repeat so I could catch what I had missed in the beginning like the stream did last year when hosted on YouTube. All in all, I was happy I got to see Twiztid demolish the stage since I didn’t catch them on Kaos & Kronic, but don’t feel bad if you didn’t dish out the $20 this time around instead of the $5.99 they did last year (which would have been a more suitable price for this event as well in my opinion).

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