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Wrestling article about cop characters features Colt Cabana of the JCW!

Our JCW homie KG hit us up with a new article that was just posted on APBweb.com.  It goes into detail about wrestlers who use a cop gimmick as their ring persona.  They talk about some local guys, the Big Boss Man, and of course Colt Cabana, everybody’s favorite JCW heel.  The great thing is that Colt had a lot of good things to say about ICPJuggalos, and theJCW.  It’s a short read, and I’ll go ahead and put Colt’s part below:


Most pro wrestlers make their livings not from television shows, but from travelling up and down America’s highways, and performing all over the world at independent wrestling shows and internet pay-per-view events.

Scott Colton is a 31 year old wrestler, entrepreneur and Chicago native who has taken on a law enforcement character in an interesting place: a wrestling league owned by the rap group Insane Clown Posse called Juggalo Championship Wrestling.

Granted, his Officer Colt Cabana persona is a brutal bad guy, rivaling a character named “Weedman.”

However, Colton, whose weekly podcast, The Art of Wrestling, features in-depth discussions with his wrestling colleagues about their lives and dreams, himself has a positive view of law enforcement as well as of the face-painted rappers.

Colton says, “I’ve never done a drug in my life and I obey the law at all times because I believe in law in order. The ICP family has taken me in as one of their own and I couldn’t be more grateful. They get a bad rap a lot and it’s upsetting because they have a real positive vibe and send out a whole issue of positivity.”

Colton, the current National Wrestling Alliance world champion, is open to feedback from law enforcement professionals on how to improve his character.

If you’d like more from Colt, make sure to check out his official website at WeLoveColt.com!




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  1. .R.A.M.


    Comment posted on Friday, June 1st, 2012 10:51 pm GMT -5 at 10:51 pm

    Whoop whoop! A lot of ninjas hate on the heels (wrestling term for bad guys) in JCW, if the wrestlers really hated juggalos, why would they wrestle for JUGGALO championship wrestling, a company owned by the biggest juggalo company on the planet, Psychopathic Records. Colt Cabana is best friends with current WWE Champion CM Punk in real life, I wonder how Punk feels about juggalos!

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