April 1, 2023
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Join the Juggalos in Recovery “Miracle Meeting” Tonight 11/6, 6pm ET

Good morning, Juggalo Family, one and all. Rachel here. Hope all are well. Happy Sunday.

The date is Sunday, November 6th, and this is a reminder that Juggalos in Recovery is hosting “The Miracle Meeting” via Zoom this evening from 6pm to 8pm eastern.

This meeting will be a space of grieving and mourning to celebrate and commemorate the life of Laney in this time of loss for our community.

Here is the official post from the Juggalos in Recovery Facebook page:

Laney was a huge loss and affected so many of us in so many different ways, from her work in special effects makeup to her photography and fashion we can see ripples of her influence around the scene and she will be missed.  Juggalos In Recovery stands by our community in this trying time. We will be holding a once a month meeting [the first Sunday of each month] from now on. Starting Nov 6th, we will hold a two hour meeting to talk about grief, addiction, helping addicts, and mental health. This meeting is called the Miracles Meeting because we are all miracles.  https://us06web.zoom.us/j/6651717177. “And a million stars way above ’em at night We don’t have to be high to look in the sky And know that’s a miracle opened wide” No matter what we deal with in our lives we have each other our community stands together.



All are welcome to join.

You don’t need to suffer from mental illness and prescription pill abuse to be a part of this meeting. But if you do, you are welcome here. You are one of many. Let’s support each other.

You don’t need to suffer from addiction to be a part of this meeting. But if you do, you are welcome and joined by many others who share your experience and pain. You have love and support all around you.

You don’t need to have known Laney personally to be part of this meeting and support those who mourn her loss. And if you do hold personal pain in this time, you can use this time and space for healing, in the spirit of the Juggalos in Recovery Creed: “Alone we hurt, together we heal. We put the unity in community.”

You are welcome to attend the meeting in candelight, burning Candles for Laney, for added karma. Let’s raise this vibration up higher so that the Dark Carnival might see and bless us.

Much love family!


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