August 19, 2022
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Stevie Stone Launches New Record Label: Ahdasee Records!

After rolling with Strange Music for nearly a decade, it appears as though Stevie Stone has set out to start his own label!  A new commercial just dropped today simply titled “AHDASEE Launch”.  The name of the new label is called Ahdasee Records, and the description for the video states the following…


After a decade of carrying the Ruthless Records and Strange Music flags, Stevie Stone bet completely on himself and launched his own recording enterprise, Ahdasee Records. Ahdasee is a completely independent record label that allows Stevie to continue to blaze his own path through the music industry. Stevie is thankful to all the fans that have been rocking with him and eagerly steps into the next chapter of cementing his legacy. #TeamStone​ #AhdaseeRecords​ #StevieStone​

Support The New Brand Here:

View the new commercial about the record label here:

From what I can tell, Strange Music has made no mention of Stevie’s departure.  Hopefully it was an amicable split similar to Rittz and his CNT imprint.

Click the new label logo to visit the official website for Ahdasee Records!

Click to visit!



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