January 22, 2022
11 Guests and Online

Rough Draft

Corpse Collector

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That’z right deaditez, your eyez are not deceiving you. It is time. It’s finally here. The planets have aligned just right. The cosmos are in sync. The long awaited follow up solo album from one half of the Dead Dirty Carnies is finally here for your bloody handz to grasp, cherish, and enjoy. Corpse Collector‘s “Rough Draft” EP is packed full of wicked shit, and even features a few surprises. So fuck the rambling and peep this wickedness.


1. W.U.W.A.D.B.I.M.B Ft. RedRum & Str8Jaket
2. Party 2 My Pain
3. Go 2 Sleep
4. Save Me
5. Corpse Bride
6. Sad Song
7. All I Really Want
8. Some1LikeU
9. Truth Hurtz



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