July 13, 2024
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Carnival Spirits Mixtape - "Ninjas In Action"

Various Artists

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The Carnival Spirits Mixtape : Ninjas In Action INCLUDING AMB, Big Hutch, Esham, Project Born, Chop Shop, Kid Crusher, Intrinzik , JPK, Taurean J, Knothead, ect. Ect. ITS DOPE!!
I have included the links for the FREE DOWNLOAD as well as a sampler we had put together.

  1. “Intro” – DC Faygo Guy
  2. “Darkness Fall” – Politicize (ft. Jason Porter & Mars)
  3. “Evilution (REMIX)” – KidCrusher (ft. Q-Strange)
  4. “No More Lies” – BstMstR (ft. J Reno)
  5. “Ninjas In Action” – Intrinzik
  6. “Bloodthirsty Freeks” – Hatchethead (ft. Killa C & Juztin Sane)
  7. “We Dem Genocide Boyz” – Dirty Grim
  8. “Where You At?” – Madecipha (ft. Eidolon & Esham)
  9. “Do What It Do” – Project Born
  10. “In The Tunnels with Big Hutch” – Scotty2Ballz
  11. “Angels and Demons” – Big Hutch
  12. “In The Mosh Pit” – JPK (ft. Bigg Redd)
  13. “Enjoy” – Drank Mix
  14. “Can’t Count The Demons” – Knothead
  15. “In The Tunnels with Kung Fu Vampire” – Scotty2Ballz
  16. “Bloody Lemonade” – Bloodstepp (ft. Chop Shop)
  17. “Killish” – Rya (ft. Proto-Type)
  18. “Mental Case” – Chris Lucas (ft. Bizarre)
  19. “Nothing To Lose” – Horrorcase (ft. Kamel & Leo G)
  20. “In The Tunnels with Frank Nitty of PJB” – Scotty2Ballz
  21. “AK-47” – Frank Nitty of PJB
  22. “Girl Next Door” – Tw12ve Gauge
  23. “I’m So High” – OS7 (ft. Potluck)
  24. “Losing My Mind” – Dopamine
  25. “In The Tunnels with AMB” – Scotty2Ballz
  26. (Bonus Track) – Taurean J


Here’s the back cover:


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