April 19, 2024
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Old's Cool

Joey Cough

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Download the FULL FREE album here: » Old’s Cool (joeycough.com)

What’s that? Joey Cough has a NEW MIXTAPE?? And he’s giving it away for FREE?!

Yup that’s right! I am giving you my Brand New Mixtape, “Old’s Cool” for FREE!!

13 tracks of Mr. Cough going full retard over some of the dopest hip-hop instrumentals from the 90s. Just enter your name and email at this link and the download will be sent to your inbox.

Check the track list below:

  1. What’s My Name Intro (ft. Chanenray)
  2. Insane In The Membrane (Freestyle)
  3. Joey C
  4. Ice Ice Baby (Remix)
  5. Cool Like Dat
  6. Return of the Mack Remix (Ft. Mindy Layne)
  7. Real Emcees (ft. Owie Cough)
  8. Adrenaline Rush (Remix)
  9. Regulate (Remix)
  10. Old’s Cool (Skit)
  11. Grown AF (ft. Buc Hollinsworth)
  12. Flinttown Tribute
  13. June 27 Freestyle



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