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G-Mo Skee: My Filthy Spirit Bomb Interview

Congratulations to the filth master G-Mo Skee signing to Majik Ninja Entertainment and still continuing to pursue his hip-hop dreams after all these years grinding his ass off! G-Mo truly deserves every bit of success that has come his way and is about to come is way! Now let’s get filthy inside this Faygoluvers exclusive!

Chad Thomas Carsten: Can you define “Filthy” in your own words?

G-Mo Skee: Uh, filthy or like filth? As far as my rap genre, like “filth”, I guess it’s just my rap style. It’s what I bring to the table.  I want it to be; when other people think about filth, I want them to think about G-Mo, you know?!  It doesn’t necessarily have to be like, you don’t take a shower and shit like that, it’s just my rap style. I feel like my shit is horrorcore but mixed with a little bit of gangster rap, mixed with a little comedy, ya GMO3know and I can call it filth. I don’t want people to just be like, “Yo he’s a horrocore rapper” or he’s this type of rapper. I call my shit “Filth.”

CTC: I feel you on that, man. What age did you first start writing filthy lyrics?

G-Mo Skee: Man! Ever since I first tried to rap, which was, I dunno, I was probably like five or six. My brother/my cousin they would be rapping and shit. They’d be rapping in my brother’s room and I just wanted to be a part of it. But I was so fucking young (five or six) they didn’t take me serious. But you know, when they were fucking around and they was like, you know, spit some shit or they let me rap or anything, all I could think to do is hit somebody with an inanimate object or just some kind of physicality, ya know?! Because honestly all I was doing back then was watching cartoons and that’s all Tom & Jerry did was like beat the shit out of each other, you know what I mean? I’m not saying that fucking somebody up is cool or nothing, but you know, I don’t know; that shit is what I watched on TV and what I saw, you know and what I like. I love Tom & Jerry and all they did was like fuck each other up with bowling balls, or fucking (Jerry would put Tom’s) put his tail in the waffle iron or something. I don’t know. That’s all I knew to rap about. You know when I rap I’m gonna fuck shit up! I don’t know, that’s always been my mind state. I thought that was right.

CTC: That’s a great answer. I grew up on Tom & Jerry too. Cartoon Network for the win!

G-Mo Skee: Yea!

CTC: So what inspired you to keep striving to be the filthiest rapper alive?

G-Mo Skee: Oh! Um, well shit! Just true to me. That’s something that I’ll always want to do.  Like, I’m not afraid to tell people what I like. I put Super Smash Bros. in my rap/I put Dragon Ball Z in my rap. I also exercise the fact that I don’t like to be fucked with or whatever; I’ll defend myself! Some people get it twisted. Like, “Is he hard?” or “Is he a fucking geek?” or something, you know what I mean?! But at the end of the day I can’t let those/I can’t let that confusion stop me from being me. Even the people that are like, “All he raps about is this and that/All he does is this and that” like I understand where they are coming from, but I can’t let that stop me from doing what I like. Everything that I put in my music, that shit starts from my heart, you know.  That’s the shit that I like. I’m not afraid to fucking put Super Smash Bros in my shit and then talk about me and the INF gang fucking somebody up. It is what it is.

CTC: Salute to being yourself, man! More artists need to be like that for real.

G-Mo Skee: So I gotta stay the filthiest rapper alive because shit man, that’s where I started. If I was a little kid and I fucking was raised a different way or something or I was more sheltered or something, then maybe I would be the fucking greatest singer alive or some shit. It just turns out that the filth chose me.

CTC: Right on. Right on. What’s it like to be officially part of the Majik Ninja Entertainment family?

GMOsignedG-MO Skee: Yo! It’s fucking dope! I can honestly say it’s better than I expected. Which I’m not trying to say I had low expectations, but just I’ve been in this shit for a long time and I’ve dealt with a lot of different people and my fans know that, that shit don’t usually go over too well because most don’t be keeping it real! Motherfuckers don’t have your best interest at heart most the time. But these motherfuckers in Majik Ninja, George, fucking everybody, they good! I knew as soon as I got the contract and I read it! I was like, “Oh! These some good people fa sho! Like nigga, fa sho!” And it was just like that.  When I went to hang out with them and shit it was like, “Yep!”  I hung out with Twiztid and I could identify with them and I’m like,“Okay, these are some hood niggas fa sho!” I don’t want to try to have people think how they are. I identify with them. I fucks with these motherfuckers, you know, and it was better than I expected on those grounds.

CTC: Well congratulations, man! Can you express the exact feelings that went through your mind when Twiztid was like “Come aboard!”?

G-Mo Skee: It was crazy only because like, George and them, I didn’t expect for them to do that.  George, he hit me up to get me on some shows with them and that was it! And I went and I got on those shows. And it was three shows.  One in Chicago, one in Cleveland, and the last one was in Grand Rapids. The Chicago show I felt like I didn’t do too well.  It was my first time performing in a theater and the sound and everything like, you know, I didn’t do too well. But the second night in Cleveland, I killed it but I fucking came out on stage and was like, “What up Chicago!” and I was in Cleveland and so I was like, “Fuck!” but I killed it that night. But I was like, “Shit! I can’t get a perfect show.” And then Grand Rapids; it was just the perfect one.  But when I went home I just felt like, “Damn!” I wanted to ace that whole shit.” Not thinking that I wanna sign with them or nothing but they showed that they have a big audience and we get this shit cracking. But I was like, “Man we should’ve killed the whole thing!”  But when they called me and was like, “Yo! Whatcha think about signing and fucking with us?!” I was like, “Damn! They fucked with it! They genuinely did!”  That was just a good…it was a pat on the back for me. I’m just doing my job and that shit is paying off, that’s all.

CTC: Hell yea to all that! That’s pretty cool. How was your experience playing at your very first Gathering a few years ago?

G-Mo Skee: Yo! I’m glad you asked that cause I have a story I’ve been wanting to tell people. Last year when I performed at The Gathering that shit was sick because that up-and comer stage is still the grind, you know. It’s not like, “Oh shit I’ve made it to The Gathering! Yea, I’m on!” It’s still the grind because you go there and you see the other people that get invited to the underground stage and they might not have a crowd. Then you see bands that are performing on the underground stage and they’re running around with flyers for their time spot. “Yo! Come over and see me at three a.m., you gotta come see me!” I didn’t have to do shit like that. I just had to stay focused and it seemed like when I showed up and I jumped on stage; motherfuckers was there! They was like “Yo! What’s up G-Mo! What you got for us?!” That shit was dope because I fucking did my thing and the Juggalos accepted me! I was out there camping.  Like nigga, I was camping with the Juggalos my nigga! I was not in a hotel. I was not in a trailer in the back. I was out there bro! Nigga, getting high as shit, getting it cracking with everybody, and I think people really respected that. They was like, “This little nigga hard!” You got hella motherfuckers telling me, “You going to The Gathering?! Be careful!” and all that shit and I’m like, “What? Fuck that! I’m the filth master cuz! I do this shit.” As long as you show motherfuckers that you’re out there like them, they’re not gonna fuck with you. It’s all love out there, you feel me? But they gave me a lot of respect for that shit! The first Gathering resonated well as fuck. I never thought that I would be staff at the next one. That wasn’t even in my plan or nothing but that shit was tight.

CTC: Wow, dude! Hell yea, man! That’s awesome! Definitely, I feel you on that.

G-Mo Skee: I got a story though, if you don’t mind me going on a tangent.

CTC: Go ahead, man!

G-Mo Skee: Okay so, at the last Gathering, me and my friends we were hella loaded or whatever and we was chilling at our camp and everybody was going to see Twiztid. I didn’t even know Twiztid, like I didn’t even know of them like that. I just wasn’t hip like that. My homie Inner Demon was like, “Yo! We gotta go see Twiztid cousin. They about go crazy! Whoopty Whoop!” So we chill for a second and then we went to go see Twiztid and I’m just seeing from the distance the big ass beach balls and they’re fucking huge! I’m hella high, right?! Like fucking tripping and shit. These beach balls; they’re in the audience and everything is big and that shit was just dope! That was ingrained in my head. The second gathering I was at, now that I’m signed with Twiztid and shit, they fucking text me during The Gathering and was like, “Yo! We want to come back stage and help with the beach balls! Like we want you to help kick the beach balls into the crowd” or whatever, you feel me? That shit was GMO2just like a mind fuck! Cause I was like, “Damn, how the fuck?!” That shit feels like magic, you feel me?! And it was dope because when I watched Twiztid I was like, “These motherfuckers is raw!” They actually got that lyrical shit. To think that the next year I’d be helping with those beach balls that I was seeing while I was shrooms; and I was on shrooms this time!  I swear to god, I was fucking loaded and they text me like, “Yo G we want you to come back stage to help with these beach balls!” Yo! It was fucking full circle, like you feel me, crazy!

CTC: I was there man, definitely man! It was a crazy time! I agree with you.

G-Mo Skee: Yea!

CTC:  Wow! Well thank you for the behind the scene details!  Man, it was pretty cool.  Speaking of behind the scene details, would you like to share one about your latest music video for “G”? Any behind the scene stories?

G-Mo Skee: Uh, lemme see.  Man, I don’t think there’s too much but overall, that shit was awesome brotha! That was one of my fucking favorite experiences working with them. Like I went to L.A. and the guy’s name was Roy, and he’s fucking…he’s dope!  Never in my life…I’ve shot like 25 music videos or whatever, I have hella music videos; They was like, “Whatcha need, tell it?!” I wrote the whole treatment for my shit and they really built all that shit! They built all that shit and all the weapons I needed and all the fucking bloody shit that I wanted like, people were able to make that shit happen.  And while we were doing it,  they just all had a lot of respect for me for writing my own treatment and knowing what to do. Like “I need this!” and Roy he is on point, he knows exactly; he’s done his homework and shit. And that guy, the director, he’s done special effects and shit for over four hundred movies!  He fucking makes a lot of shit like the Sinister guy, he made him! He’s makes hella shit! I was really honored to just be able to work with the dude. They all fucking had a lot of fun and it was like they were seeing the video live. Now that everybody see’s it and everybody thinks it’s funny, like they all were just cracking up at the shit that I was doing and it was hella fun!  It was very fun!

CTC: Yea it looked like you had a lot fun with it, man! Congratulations on reaching over fifty thousands views by the way.

G-Mo Skee: Appreciate it, man. I’m happy as hell too, man. That shit is amazing!

CTC: Can we discuss your frame of mind when you were writing the track “G”?  What exactly was rushing through your head when you were writing those lyrics?

G-Mo Skee: Dude! Let me tell the honest fucking truth! That song/that beat, I’ve had that beat for a long time from C-Lance because he just had gave me a shit load of beats and I would just write to em and some of the songs I wouldn’t complete…some of em I would and you know, the one’s that I did complete made it on “Android Filthteen”; you know when I decided I didn’t want to make a album out of sampled music. This beat was an original, so I saved it and I don’t know, man. I would just write to this shit.  I’ve had it for years, you know. I would write to it and I would just be writing and brainstorming and shit, but I just couldn’t find that shit to this beat. I just couldn’t. And I knew the hook! I knew the whole G shit I wanted to do!  But for the bars, I just like brainstormed! I took bars from this brainstorm and use them here and there on other shit. Like this was just a monster that I’ve been writing this shit for a long time. It’s weird because one day that shit just all came to me and it was around this time. It just came to me with a breeze and I just fucking banged that shit out!

CTC: Yea, you went hard! I specifically like the line about Donald Trump’s wall surrounding you and the people. That was clever.

G-Mo Skee: Appreciate that!

CTC: Your upcoming MNE debut is obliviously inspired by Dragon Ball, man. I’m a Dragon Ball fan too, but what moment from Dragon Ball Z when the Spirit Bomb (AKA Genki Dama) was used inspired the title to your album?

G-Mo Skee: Well honestly, I can’t say that there was a specific moment that inspired; like a specific moment from Dragon Ball Z that inspired the name. It was just…the name really came from how I was feeling as an artist. I’ve been through a lot of shit! I feel like there’s been a lot of motherfuckers that have blocked my path in a way; that were able to enable me to do shit and just kinda marginalized me. I still just make these GMO SINGLEraps that’s filthy and shit; I still do my same shit, like you know, I’m not going to express myself about all the fucked up shit that I go through too often. I don’t wanna do that. The filthy spirit bomb is the worst spirit; it’s coming from the inside.  This shit ain’t just like got filth or filth this or filth that. This is spiritual shit! I got some shit to say! The filthy spirit bomb, just it fucking…the whole essence from the spirit bomb from Dragon Ball Z, it just embodies everything that I want to do with the album.  First of all, I need it to destroy people and I need the energy from my fans. Like all the fans that have been giving me energy here and there…this is that moment I need all the fans to give me all the fucking energy they possibly got, so I can give them all the energy that I got and we can use that shit to finally fucking break down these doors that these motherfuckers have been putting up in front of me. And that’s what it’s about.

CTC: Wow! Way to use Akira Toriyama into your lyrics.  That’s pretty dope!

G-Mo Skee: So you know, here and there I just kinda like, just to keep it kinda an album thing I’ll throw a little Dragon Ball lines in there, but I don’t overdo it.  I do got these skits on there that are very Dragon Ball based and it’s fucking hilarious but it’s serious.

CTC: It’s clever too.  The spirit bomb is a pure hearted thing. It’s an interesting take on that to use filthy lyrics on something that is pure.

G-Mo Skee: Yea, exactly! Because the filth is still gonna be there, like it’s all filth. I actually want to say it. I’m not naming motherfuckers but that also goes back to the fans.  If you’ve been a real fan and you’ve been watching this shit, you’ve been watching my moves, you’ve been seeing what I’ve been doing…you know what the fuck I’m talking about! But I know I’m bout to get a lot of clout after this shit and I don’t want so share that clout with none of this motherfuckers that I wanna kill! I use that lightly. I mean kill lyrically.  You know, body these motherfuckers lyrically! I don’t want to come out dissing these niggas and then everybody be like, “Oh that’s what he’s famous for.” No cuz because when you listen to it, the essence of what I’m saying and shit, it’s personal!

CTC: What other type of content can fans expect to hear within “My Filthy Spirit Bomb”?  Obviously you’re going to have your trademark filthy lyrics but are there any subject matter that you’re expressing for the first time?

G-Mo Skee: Man, to be honest with you I feel like I’ve revealed too much. Like I really want people to hear it and just kinda like just go with it!

CTC: What’s your main goal behind this record?

G-Mo Skee: Man, really I just wanna put out my first album, and keep going. I’m already working on the second one!

CTC: Oh, wow!  Which Dragon Ball villain represents who are you as a recording artist?

G-Mo Skee: I say Cell! I have to say Cell! Because Cell is just that nigga! He’s just that nigga cuz! Like, I don’t want to put it out there like there’s a lot of motherfuckers afraid of me but a lot of motherfuckers know, don’t fuck with the filth master type of shit! And usually when I go off on niggas, it’s a one-sided fight, bro! I got too much energy, got too much energy from my fans. My fans are a fucking army themselves! Them motherfuckers is ready! I ain’t got no sucka fans! You don’t want to take on these problems and that’s just like Cell! Like, ”Come to the Cell Games if you want to nigga. You know what’s happening over here, nigga!

*Laughter from Both*

CTC: That whole arc is genius! It’s cool to connect with it like that. Hell yea! How important is it for an artist to have freedom of creativity to express themselves to the fullest without censorship getting in the way?

G-Mo Skee: Man, that’s everything, man! That shit is everything, man! I talked about this before is that there’s no fucking rap rule book.  There’s no rule book to art! Like with Juggalos. You just see a lot of motherfuckers hating on some crazy comic book out of wack type shit and they’ll discredit and be like, “Man, I only rap what I live.  I only rap about what I know and what I experience.” And they’ll throw shade on niggas like me who use my creativity, you feel me. Fuck that! There’s no rap rulebook, cuz! Making a song is the same as painting a picture. Who the fuck cares what you draw on that shit!  That shit could still end up in a museum!  Most that shit in a museum don’t make sense. It looks like a fucking mess, like someone just threw paint on the fucking joint and put it on the wall and that’s real art somehow! But we gotta understand and respect that shit! I don’t care if you make a song about taking a shit.  If you use the right lyrics and you make that shit funny or however you spit it and technically kill it, like nigga, it’s good! So fuck all that! Censoring motherfuckers, discrediting motherfuckers because they don’t rap what you like, you know that’s fucking obnoxious!

CTC: Wow! Thank you for that answer, that’s deep! I like that, yea! What current issues in today’s society pisses you off the most?

G-Mo Skee: Man, real shit, you really want to get into this?! Nigga, society got me fucked up right now. Real talk! My whole shit is this whole, you know, Black Lives Matter, fucking police bullshit and all this crazy shit that’s going on. And my main issue with it is poor people, you know what I mean?  You know the motherfuckers that are screaming this “All Lives Matter” shit and being counter progressive you know, because it’s just kinda like, “Yo! The police are killing everybody!”  You know what I mean?

CTC: Yep!

G-Mo Skee: And not only that but it don’t matter who they’re killing at an alarming rate, it’s usually poor people and poor people make up the majority of this country.  But if you’ve got one group of poor people, (you know black people) that are like “Black lives matter! You’re all killing us and this is all we’re seeing on the news!” And then you got the other group of poor people who are like, “Wait! Hold on bro! All lives matter!” Now we’re fighting each other, while the motherfuckers who put this plan in action is just sitting back letting this shit just crack off!  We ain’t even fighting them no more.  We need all poor people of all races to be screaming fucking, “It GMO_ndon’t matter if it’s black lives matter or not, if you poor you’s a nigga!” You feel me?! We’re all niggas! That’s how I feel about it, you know?! But this, we’re splitting each other up in groups, but we’re all poor though and that’s what it’s about! They fucking up poor people/they killin’ poor people. It’s usually poor motherfuckers that don’t know they rights. This shit is crazy, bro! As a young black man, it’s fucked up!  Because nigga I’ll be sitting there and you know, probably have one of my homies that’s not my race or something say some shit about how; you know like, “Man! Black lives don’t matter when black people are killing black people” and it’s like, “Yo! That shit is the dumbest shit I’ve ever heard!” Like black on black crime, that shit has nothing to do with police, you feel me?  Because if there was no black on black crime or black on white crime or crime at all, there would be no police anyway! So it’s like, fuck that shit! The perfect analogy is this: When terrorists kill Americans, everybody’s crying “American lives matter!” but an American can kill another American the motherfuckers just go to jail…ain’t nobody marching! It’s the same as black on black crime. When a black dude kills a black dude, a black dude goes to jail or a black dude dies, one or the other. When a cop kills anybody, they get away! That’s the point!  And society got me fuck up, ya know!? Shit, straight up!  You know for real! I don’t think you should’ve asked me about that one, shit! I could talk all day about that shit.

CTC: It’s all right man, I agree with you! I’m with you on this. Thank you for the answer, man! If you had the chance to collect all the Dragon Balls back when it was only one wish, what would be your one wish?

G-Mo Skee: Hard to say now, because shit is cracking now!  I would probably wish for my daughter to live forever.

CTC: That’s a dope wish!

G-Mo Skee: That’s what I’m working on…trying to give my baby immortality!

CTC: That’s fresh man!  For the final question: What do you want to accomplish within the next 5-10 years?

G-Mo Skee: Man I just want to give my baby immortality!  *Laughs* Real shit!  No but for real in the next 5-10 years, I just hope me and my family and my baby and shit is just good!  Ya feel me?  Because we’ve been hustlin’ our whole life.  Shit has never been good.  We’ve been hustlin’ and strugglin’, ya feel me?

G-Mo Skee – “G” [Official Music Video]


Interviewer: Chad Thomas Carsten



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    Comment posted on Monday, August 29th, 2016 06:22 am GMT -5 at 6:22 am

    Hells yeah hes down with “The Z” and the smash brothers?? Thats my boy! Yeah i think his hat looks stupid but so what lol Cant wait to hear this Spirit Bombness!

  2. bozodklown


    Comment posted on Monday, August 29th, 2016 08:01 am GMT -5 at 8:01 am

    LMAO I think you meant to put a clip of DragonBall Z and put up a clip from DragonBall Z: Abridged. The abridged series takes the voices out and does their own dub to make it hilarious! Just pointing that out in case you didn’t know. And if you like DBZ, WATCH THAT VIDEO ANYWAY! lmao

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    I chose the abridged on purpose. Cell’s speech on the Cell Games is much more brutal and hilarious

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    Comment posted on Monday, August 29th, 2016 02:39 pm GMT -5 at 2:39 pm

    We’re all niggas! That’s how I feel about it, you know?! But this, we’re splitting each other up in groups, but we’re all poor though and that’s what it’s about! They fucking up poor people/they killin’ poor people. It’s usually poor motherfuckers that don’t know they rights. This shit is crazy, bro! As a young black man, it’s fucked up! Because nigga I’ll be sitting there and you know, probably have one of my homies that’s not my race or something

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