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Bloodstepp Interview (9/16/2015)

It was my privilege that for my first interview for Faygoluvers, I got to interview Australia’s favorite alien producer: Bloodstepp. Here is his quick bio if you have not heard of him:

Bloodstepp is an Australian electronic hip hop producing alien. Coming from South West Sydney with the fusion of Dubstep, Trap, Electronica, Rap, Hip Hop, Horrorcore, Metal and many more. He has worked with legends in the underground scene and won 2013 underground album of the year. He is also a ‘ghetto platinum’ selling artist having sold 1000 or more copies.


First off I would like to say thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to answer these questions for us. With this being said, let’s start the interview shall we….

PRJ: Can you tell the people that do not know who you are, who you are, what you do, and school them on a brief history about yourself?

Bloodstepp: I wanna start by saying a HUGE thanx to PRJ and the whole FLH crew, You are to us underground artists what the radio is to the mainstream, our survival!

My character is that of an alien that had received radio transmissions from earth accidentally. Unfortunately the transmissions were mainstream music. I’m here to school the world with REAL music to save the human race. In reality I’m a fat nerdy Australian dude that makes shitty beats on a pc. If I had to categorize my style I would call it ‘Electronic Wicked Shit’.

PRJ: You recently released your latest album “Skinwalker Ranch.” Can you tell us how the album came about, and how long you worked on it?

Bloodstepp: I am fascinated with the actual Skinwalker Ranch in Utah. I have read books on it and researched as much as possible.  The only thing left now is to go there. Don’t be fooled by the half shitty movie released about it…this is a real place with real events. Skinwalker Ranch would be my Disneyland! The release was prolonged due to working with so many other artists on it so about 6 months all up is what it took me.

PRJ: With that being said, is it true that the final mixing was done by Psychopathic Record’s very own DJ CLAY? If so, how did that happen, and why did you choose him?

Bloodstepp: Actually Clay only mixed a couple of tracks on this album.  The rest was done by me and another dude.  I am man enough to admit that I am still learning the mixing trade and if I want my music to sound it’s best, I get help. I first met Clay at GOTJ 2010.  A couple years later I sent him some beats to check out.  He said he loved them and that I had a different sound to everyone else in the scene so it just went from there.  He featured on and engineered some stuff on my previous album Grand Theft UFO as well. I’m not sure if I am supposed to say but he has asked me to join forces with him for a beat group we call Beatgod.  We will be selling beats under that banner.

You recently allowed us to premiere the track “Skinwalker Ranch” from your album. The song featured Killa C and Razakel.

PRJ: How did you manage to have Killa C be a guest artist? Hell, how did you find him? Everyone thought he disappeared years ago and quit the rapping.

Bloodstepp: I always check other artists pages to see what’s happening and I was lucky enough to catch him at the right time as he is now making a comeback.  He wasn’t keen on doing murder shit anymore, but luckily I was after a more specific subject matter, that being Skinwalker Ranch, so he took my info and notes and fuckin’ schooled it.

PRJ: On a recent episode of The Juggalo Show, Kevin Gill debuted the track that you all collaborated on. This track is really different from the other stuff that you’ve released, it’s more of a spoken word song. If you haven’t heard the track yet, check it out now below!

PRJ: Can you inform everyone about how the idea of this track came about?

Bloodstepp: I had a beat I had been fucking with that I learned on a YouTube tutorial (yes I still use youtube for advice lol).  I thought it sounded bland on it’s own but was too good not to use if that makes sense.  I had just gotten back into wrestling after years and an idea popped into my head of getting someone to commentate a wrestling match over the top of the beat with Bloodstepp being the wrestler fighting for the underground world championship.

PRJ: Why did you end up reaching out to KG about this collaboration?

Bloodstepp: Who else better to ask than the voice of JCW?! KG loved the idea and went to work.  It turned out amazing!  He is such a cool dude too!  He just gave me back a bunch of audio and I pieced it together to make it sound like a running match. It turned out exactly how I envisioned it, so I’m happy with the results.

PRJ: How did KG end up debuting the track on The Juggalo Show? What did the other co-hosts of The Juggalo Show (Jumpsteady and Rude Boy) think about it? On the previous show, Jumpsteady wondered how KG was featured on an album as he doesn’t rap…so we had to show him. Both Rude Boy and Jumpsteady LOVED it!  Rude Boy said he could picture the entire song in his head, and that is exactly what I was aiming for.

The best part was that Jumpsteady had brought in 2 of my albums that he had kept from when I had met him back in 2013 on the ICP Australian tour, he loved my Alien Abduction Music custom charm too. I was blown away he actually kept them especially when he said he only keeps shit that he loves, that shit gave me a hard on! I mean he is a Psychopathic Records Don!  He offered to hook up on the next Juggalo Show via skype so I am in the process of working that out.

PRJ: Ok, now let’s continue about your new album.  A number of Faygoluvers forum users are guest artists on “Skinwalker Ranch.”  Why did you decide to include them? Do you plan to work with any of them in the future?

Bloodstepp: There is so much untapped talent going around and once I heard the quality of our own FLH forum members on the Post Mortem Boredom release I knew I had to work with these dudes again. Big shout out to Sicc Se7en, Lucem Ferre, DJ Scrubb, Sean Law, scruffy, Pigg, Novocaine and sketchez, you guys are all beasts! Thanx for putting it down for me, we will definitely be working together again in the future if you are down!

PRJ: Is there anything else you would like to let us know about “Skinwalker Ranch?”

Bloodstepp: Just check it out on my site and if you dig it, grab a copy. It’s my best work to date, it’s a mix of all of my other releases in one.

Click Here To Purchase "Skinwalker Ranch"

Click Here To Purchase “Skinwalker Ranch”

PRJ: Alright moving on, What are the chances we see future collaborations with Insane Clown Posse, Twiztid, and Tech N9ne?

Bloodstepp: My dream is to collab with all of the above!  Imagine a Bloodstepp beat with Tech/ICP or Twiztid spitting over it. I have come close a couple of times to making it happen but I need everything to fall into place.  It WILL happen eventually, I promise!

PRJ: Outside of ICP, Twiztid, and Tech N9ne, what artists are you wanting to work with?

Bloodstepp: ESHAM – the most under-rated artist of all time, Grant Rice – Tech’s old hype man and a huge talent, J Mann of Mushroomhead – my favourite voice in metal, Aphex Twin – the god of electronica just to name a few.

PRJ: Have you ever thought about setting up a track where two rappers that dislike each other are on the same song? Are you even allowed to do that?

Bloodstepp: I think it has already happened actually with my underground All-Stars track, I guess it’s hard to avoid when there are 18 rappers on the one track. Lol. You can make your own guess at who doesn’t like who on that track haha.

PRJ: Have you ever thought about producing songs for other artists’ albums? If so, how would an artist go about contacting you?

Bloodstepp: To be honest I never really wanted to make beats for other artists as I have always been a bit paranoid that my music isn’t good enough to add to another artists craft.  But when Clay asked me to join his beat crew, I had to take up the offer! You will have to go through Clay to get them though as we don’t make them individually, we make them as Beatgod.

PRJ: Are you open to artists using your tracks with permission for their songs?

Bloodstepp: Do what you want with my shit!  Steal it, rip it, I really don’t care too much. I have been thinking about releasing an album of all my instrumentals from my previous albums and making them royalty free so anyone can spit on my beats and release them. In the end this is just a hobby for me and if someone wanted to use my shit for something I’m honoured!

PRJ: Since we are on the topic on producing, what hardware and software do you use to make beats? Would you suggest an up and coming producers using them?

Bloodstepp: Ok, here are some secrets (lol).  All I use is good ol’ FL Studio for composition with some custom plugins I got a dude to make for me.  My ‘go-to’ generic plugin to use is NI Massive. For mixing you can’t go past Pro Tools and mastering is done by someone else as I suck at it! Lol. All this is done on a high end gaming pc with a pair of shitty studio monitors and headphones. That’s it!! FL studio gets the bone but it can be powerful if you know what you are doing.  It’s the little DAW that can,haha.

PRJ: I’ve heard rumors of Madchild filming a video with you when he tours Australia, Is that true? Is this his way of making up for not doing the Transformer video?

Bloodstepp: Yeah, he hit me up after I decided to use live footage for our ‘Transform’ track as it was taking a while to get the original footage shot. He loved what I had done with it so we decided to hook up when he is in Australia at the end of the year to shoot a video for our new track ‘Pitbull’ off my new album Skinwalker Ranch.

PRJ: Could you inform us about some of your future projects that you may have in the works?

Bloodstepp: I have already started working on my next project. It is a full EDM project with my mates Androponix from USA and Catzeyez from Australia under the name ‘Konduktrz’. It’s different from my usual shit but does take me back to the good ol’ rave days. It BANGS!!

PRJ: What will it take for you to find yourself in America? Whether for a show, appearance, at the Gathering as an attendee or performer?

Bloodstepp: I did fly over in 2010 for the Gathering but as an artist all I need is to be officially asked to play and I’m there!  It’s too expensive to go and just play in the parking lot or campground for me as I’m flying over from Australia, lol.

Alright how about a few rapid fire questions and answers..

PRJ: Who is your favorite collaboration?

Bloodstepp: That’s a hard one, ummm, I love the original ‘Time to Eat’ feature Liquid Assassin spat for me and also Mr. Grey’s feature on ‘Crop Circles in my Backyard’ on my new album.  They are probably my favourites. Both dudes put SO MUCH into it!

PRJ: Who is your least favorite collaboration?

Bloodstepp: This is on me but I feel I didn’t do Doomsday Productions feature justice, they are legends and I fucked it up with shitty mixing.

PRJ: Which collaboration let you down the most?

Bloodstepp: Boondox and Pastor Troy. My problem with Dox is well documented but Pastor Troy REALLY fucked me over, I was a rare fan from Australia that wanted to work with my favourite Southern artist. He took my $500 for the feature then avoided me after that.

PRJ: Which collaboration exceeded your expectations the most?

Bloodstepp: Again LA and Mr. Grey.

If you are a active member of our forum on Faygoluvers you know the members love to joke, so i figured i would end this interview with a few random, but humorous questions from the forum members.

PRJ: What weighs more, a kilo of feathers, or a kilo of steel?

Bloodstepp: This good ol’ question, lol.  Now if I can change it up a bit to the ‘what would land first if dropped, a kilo of feathers or a kilo of steel?’  The obvious answer is ‘at the same time’ but I have always thought that a kilo of feathers would have to be bundled together therefore being a much bigger object it would have slightly more wind resistance so the steel would land ever so slightly earlier, lol.

PRJ: What weighs more, a pound of feathers or a pound of gold?

Bloodstepp: See above, lol.

PRJ: How many cows have you probed?

Bloodstepp: I would have to count the notches on my probe, kinda like in ‘Gangs of New York,’ lol.

PRJ: How much blood would a Bloodstepp stepp if a Bloodstepp could stepp blood?

Bloodstepp: Depends on the victims state of Hemophilia.

PRJ: Once again I want to thank Bloodstepp for allowing me to conduct this interview and for allowing us to premiere one of his new tracks.

Bloodstepp: The honour is all mine mate! Love you guys!!

You can listen to the sampler for Skinwalker Ranch below.


Interviewer: PunkRockJuggalo

Interview Date:09/16/15



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    Awesome shit!
    Congrats on your first interview PRJ!

    Oh and where the hell can i find this beatgod stuff!

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    Comment posted on Thursday, September 17th, 2015 06:26 am GMT -5 at 6:26 am

    Congrats everyone! Same here….can you put up a link for the BeatGod stuff when its up and running?

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    been missin psyradio a lot lately, didnt realize they been talkin up bloodstepp. as they should be. as we all should be.
    good stuff, prj.

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    Thank you everyone.

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