June 14, 2024
7 Guests and Online

Ouija Macc’s “Revelations” Tour: Support your Local Openers!

With Ouija Macc‘s Revelations Tour goin’ down in just over a week, there are some underground heavy hitters that are opening the show and need your support!

First off, this tour spans just under a month long, and if you haven’t made plans to catch any of the shows, here’s a flyer that shows everywhere it’ll be hitting:

Click to enlarge!

Now let’s talk about a few of the shows and the openers that are slangin’ tickets!  Our homie Timothy Theory will be opening up with More Street Movement on October 12th in Millersville, PA.  Tickets run $15.00 in advance, so save some money and purchase through him!  All you need to do is hit up IG @timothytheory or FB @Tim0thyTheory and he will get you squared away.  Peep the flyer for that show:

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Next up, the big homie Madd Maxxx (Dirtcore Music) will be featured on the Sunday, October 15th tour date in Manchester, NH.  Peep that flyer here:

Click to enlarge!

You can hit up Madd Maxxx via Facebook here: Facebook/SICKHOPOG

All ticket purchases through Maxxx will come with FREE merch and/or CDs!

Support any and all of your local homies opening up for this and any other tours coming to your town!



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