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Suburban Noize Records Announces (Hed) P.E. Animated Film Written by Kevin Zinger feat. Art by Jim “Taz” Evans!,

Suburban Noize Records recently announced thrilling details about the next awaited (Hed) P.E. LP  entitled ‘DETOX’.  Which has awesomely  resulted in a innovative  animated movie collaboration between legendary artist Jim “Taz” Evans,  (Hed) P.E.,  the animator Bonez and Suburban Noize Records president Kevin Zinger. “Detox: Planet Earth” seamlessly blends the captivating art of Jim “Taz” Evans, the infectious metallic punk rock of (Hed) P.E., and a visionary storyline penned by Kevin Zinger! Thus, they’ve successfully created unique and immersive experience for audiences around the world.

With his distinctive style and mesmerizing artwork, Jim “Taz” Evans swiftly became an icon in the art world. Known for his bold use of colors and intricate details, Evans’s work has graced galleries globally. Paired with the eclectic sound of (Hed) P.E., whose music effortlessly combines elements of punk rock, hip-hop, reggae, and metal, “Detox: Planet Earth” delivers a sensory music journey that transcends boundaries.

Kevin Zinger’s storyline acts as the backbone for this animated movie. Developed years ago, Zinger’s vision brings together pre-existing elements from the worlds of art, music, and storytelling to create a narrative that explores themes of human connection, societal struggles, and personal growth.  The animated series is planned to be released chapter by chapter. And then in its entirety, with the drop of the entire forthcoming (Hed) P.E. ‘Detox’ LP that’s slated to make its debut sometime  early next year via Suburban Noize Records. Until then. peep the first animated chapter via “Detox: Planet Earth” below! 

From Suburban Noize Records:

I wrote this story years ago with no plans of it going anywhere and one day I was looking at the body of work of Taz and thought this art is the perfect visual for it,” commented Kevin Zinger. “Some years went by and Jared sent me the new (Hed) P.E. record and it dawned on me. I’ve never seen anyone take pre-existing elements like this and mix them together to make something new. It was a challenge for sure but it came together unreal with the help of animator Bonez. And now it’s a full blown animated movie with (Hed) P.E. as the soundtrack.”

The story is a weaving narrative of a futuristic America that has undergone a metamorphosis into a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Within this desolate terrain, a resilient group has formed, known as the New World Orphans. Bound together, they stand against government corruption, greed, and the degradation of the environment. The New World Orphans embody humanity’s ultimate chance for survival, positioned to embark on the vital mission of cleansing the planet of its toxicity. This first release is a foreshadow of what is to come.

“DETOX” was recorded at frontman Jared Gomes home studio, with production and songwriting led by Remy Dovianus and engineering/mixing by Ulrich Wilde (known for his work with Pantera, Deftones, and Static-X). Gomes delved into the G-Punk essence reminiscent of their earlier albums, capturing the chaotic energy and all the distinctive elements of the (Hed) P.E. signature sound. Ulrich Wild undertook the mixing and mastering, skillfully harmonizing raw aggression, braggadocious hip-hop, and unfiltered hardcore to create a seamlessly integrated auditory experience.

Gomes shared, “This album marks a return to the cherished G-Punk sound that  (Hed) P.E. fans know and adore. When listeners hear this record, its familiarity will be striking because it encapsulates the essence of  (Hed) P.E.”He continued, “The ‘DETOX’ album embarks on a spiritual journey from a state of chemical enslavement to self-liberation, and then, ironically, back again. I composed this from an intimately personal standpoint, as I grappled with addiction throughout my life.”

“On this album, I’m unapologetically candid, addressing topics such as sexuality, substance use, and a hardcore lifestyle. I’ve incorporated more rap elements, and the music is notably heavier and thrash-oriented. I discovered the inspiration to delve into some gritty subjects. Balancing parenthood brings a unique challenge to finding ‘alone’ time with one’s spouse, akin to a covert mission that must be accomplished at all costs! This album truly grants the audience what they’ve longed for, without compromising artistic integrity.”

He added, “The album’s title, ‘DETOX,’ stems from a period post-pandemic where I found myself engulfed in a sea of red wine, attempting to make sense of my thoughts amidst the influence of various substances in my mind. At a critical juncture, I confronted my struggles with substance abuse. This inner battle became the focal point of the album’s narrative, addressing a topic I’m all too familiar with—addiction.”

The unvarnished, raw honesty of this narrative compelled Gomes and the band to embrace their bold and provocative history, leveraging it as a stark contrast to more politically correct releases. While albums like the 2005’s ‘Only in Amerika’ reacted intentionally against the radio-friendly sound of prior works, “DETOX” boldly extends a middle finger to mainstream conventions.

(Hed) P.E. stands as pioneers of the G-Punk genre, an innovative blend of punk-rock, metal, hip-hop, and reggae. With a career spanning over two decades, the band has toured worldwide, sharing stages with rock heavyweights like Papa Roach and Linkin Park, hardcore icons Suicidal Tendencies, and the iconic Ozzfest Tour. The band’s partnership with Suburban Noize Records in the early 2000s fueled a creative resurgence, contributing significantly to the flourishing underground music scene.



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