August 17, 2022
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DO NOT MISS the Morton Revealed Seminar!

One of the most talked about events of this year’s Gathering is the seminar that’s nearly 30 years in the making!  That’s right…nearly three decades ago, the creators of the infamous Morton’s List game began formulating the concept for the End of All Boredom.  At this ear’s Gathering of Dreams, Listalos and curious Juggalo bystanders will finally hear the TRUTH about the identity of Morton him/herself!

One of the game’s creators, Ninja Nate, gave me this short peek into what you can expect:

28 years after beginning the Morton’s List project, we three authors are coming together to not only share the long held secret of the origins of the game’s name, but also to reveal wig flipping information we weren’t aware of until last year. Plus more revelations of the future of reality gaming! I’m most looking forward to being in the same tent with so many Morton’s List players and supporters. The Karma and good vibes of all you creative, adventurous ninjas is gonna be thick as bricks!

The seminar happens on Thursday, August 4th at 3:30 PM, so don’t be late!  There will be no photos or videography allowed, so don’t try any slick shit, ninja!



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