July 13, 2024
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Violent J Reacts to Pint Capone of Project Born Passing Away

It has been an extremely sad week across the underground worldwide. As most know, Pint Capone of the legendary Flint, Michigan hip-hop group Project Born unexpectedly passed away in his sleep, a couple of days after Christmas. And now the Duke of the Wicked, Violent J (Insane Clown Posse), has reacted towards Pint Capone’s (RIP) early trip towards ShangriLa with a lengthly heartfelt statement.

From Violent J via the official Psychopathic Records website: 

TRAGIC NEWS: With a terribly heavy heart, I must deliver tragic news to those who haven’t yet heard. Half Pint of Project Born died in his sleep sometime in the early morning hours of Dec 27th. PJB was the very first group ICP ever signed to Psychopathic Records way back in 1994. We’ve remained close friends with members Half Pint, Frank Nitty & Lil Polk ever since. We’ve recorded mad songs and done mad shows & tours together over the past 27 years. Our hearts go out to Half Pint’s partners & best friends Nitty & Polk, who thankfully will continue on with PJN in Pint’s honer, just as he’d want them too. Half Pint was an incredible rapper. I’ll never forget recording the song “Graveyard” with him in Mike E Clark’s basement studio. We all wrote our parts the night before and was just about to start recording when Half Pint casually mentioned that he didn’t have anything written. I remember feelin’ salty because I figured this meant I’d have to pick him up way out in Flint again tomorrow to record his verse, but boy was I wrong. He explained that he didn’t write raps in advance. He then asked what the song was about again and ducked into the booth. I remember thinkin’ “Why is he bullshittin?” But then to my utter amazement, he free-styled his whole verse and TOTALLY MURDERED IT!

Listen to the song yourself and imagine him coming up with it all as he said it! It was astonishing! He ended up the first one finished that day while the rest of us tried to remember the flow and style we wanted to use. Half Pint’s rappin’ was always sharp, crisp & straight up lethal. His voice was spit fire acid. He’s clearly one of Flint’s all time greatest and I doubt many rappers there today will deny that. Half Pint, Polk & Frank Nitty are all incredible rappers in their own right. Their styles are all on opposite sides of the top tier spectrum. They couldn’t be more different as MC’s, yet somehow they compliment each other perfectly. An ultimate trio. They’re like peanut butter & jelly with the bread. I suggested to Nitty that he and Polk come to Harpo’s in Detroit and rock the stage with us at our New Year’s Eve show. Maybe they can hopefully leave some of that pain on the stage. Maybe we all can. Any real musician will tell you that performing live can sometimes be like therapy for the soul.

I told Nitty either way we’ll dedicate the show to Half Pint’s memory. At least there’s some comfort in knowing Half Pint’s memory and legacy will live forever by way of all the timeless music he left on this planet and beyond. I hope PJB will come rock the New Year’s Eve show with us. Either way I know Pint will be there in spirit, along with the rest of our fallen Juggalo brothers and sisters who for whatever reason, God has called home so soon. We’ll prolly never understand those reasons – not down here anyway. But when you compare a life time on earth to an eternity in ShangriLa. , what’s it matter? We’re all right behind them anyway. We’ll be back with our loved ones in no time. And once we are, we’ll stay together… fooooorever! …VJ




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