July 13, 2024
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Ratings Needed for the United States of Insanity on Rotten Tomatoes, iTunes, more!

Happy Holidays Juggalos and Juggalettes! It’s Xmas eve and I’m hoping that a lot of you have the day off to prepare for tomorrow and get to spend time with your friends and family!

If you haven’t yet, it’d be a good day/weekend to take the opportunity to watch the highly acclaimed documentary The United States of Insanity!  It’s already on a bunch of streaming services, and you can find links for all of those here: United States of Insanity Now Available OnDemand (Rent or Own!) | Faygoluvers

If you pre-ordered the DVD, you should hopefully have it in your hands by now!  I got mine and have already checked out the extras which are absolutely worth the price alone! You can get the DVD here: Shop – Strike Back Studios

Finally, if you have seen it (or even if you haven’t…I won’t tell), please take a minute or two and go review it! If more reviews are received on Rotten Tomatoes or iTunes, there’s more chances of it appearing on other streaming services! The more that happens, the more Juggalos will get to see it worldwide!

Take a sec and get your reviewing on at the following links:

United States of Insanity @ RottenTomatoes.com

United States of Insanity @ iTunes.Apple.com

United States of Insanity @ Google.com

United States of Insanity @ MetaCritic.com

Also, if you missed the watch party with director commentary by Tom Putnam, you can watch that at the following link:

Much love and Happy Holidays! Whoop Whoop!




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