August 19, 2022
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Violent J Reacts to USOI Documentary; DVD Pre-orders Now Available!

Just three days ago, the premiere of the United States of Insanity documentary happened at over 600 theaters nationwide!  Among the thousands of attendees throughout the country was the one and only Violent J!

This must have been the first time that he’s seen this cut in its entirety, because he was completely blown away by it!

He took the time to write out a lengthy review, praise some of the people involved in making it, and urging Juggalos to check it out!  Peep the post below.


I Violent J would like to personally advise every ninja out there reading this to go and peep out the incredibly well put together documentary called “United States Of Insanity”. It’s about Insane Clown Posse and Juggalos fight vs the FBI which lead to 2017’s infamous Juggalo March on Washington. This doc is not a Psychopathic Record’s project. We had very little say in it’s over all creation. Yet I totally feel the director and editor did an incredibly wonderful job telling our whole story. So well in fact, that I can’t help but legit feel deeply touched by the incredibly awesome end result. Although I myself had a crazy hard time watching so much footage of myself from such a dark and personally challenging time in my life. However this documentary does such a fuckin’ riveting and exiting job at telling the whole complete story, that even though I personally look and sound like shit throughout the whole film, I still somehow greatly enjoyed seeing it all! That’s how well this documentary is actually put together! I hated seeing myself yet I loved seeing the movie! Seriously try to catch it in theaters if you can. Look it up! It might be playing at a theatre right near you, now or very soon. I believe it’s currently or soon to be showing in something Iike 600 plus movie theaters across the country. If you catch that bad boy at a theatre you can fuckin’ hear its dope ass soundtrack bumpin’ hard as fuck in them big ass, surround sound, movie theatre speakers. It’s a great fuckin’ film period that’s the bottom line. My mom is in this thing man, a lot! She’s looking like a billion bucks in it too. I was so happy and so proud. And my kids are both fuckin’ fantastic in it as well. But you know what man? Shaggy undeniably steels the fuckin’ show hands down. He’s witty and funny and he’s real life, lovable personally just really shines though. They really capture the real Shaggy 2 Dope and I fuckin’ love that about the film. Undeniably, I feel that this film is a must see for all Juggalos, without question. I also feel it’s a must see for any ninja who believes in our country and it’s many supposed freedoms. It’s an incredible story that I feel was told incredibly well by incredible people and I just can’t thank them all enough. Thank you to every ninja involved in the creation of “United States Of Insanity” for being so good to us. Tom Putnam and my brother Rob especially. Thank you both sincerely, I love you ninjas… VJ

Now I know that a lot of you either weren’t able to make it to a showing, or the movie wasn’t showing at a theater near you.  Well don’t sweat it just yet!  You’ve still got some options available in the coming weeks/months!

First, there will be a second showing in select theaters in a couple of weeks!  We’ll make a separate post with a list of theaters and dates as soon as it becomes available.

The United States of Insanity will also be available via DVD and On Demand on December 10th!  We will cover the On Demand stuff as soon as it’s available, but you can get your DVD pre-ordered right now!

Nearly a decade of work was put into this,  so now is your chance to own a piece of Juggalo history!  Get your copy of the DVD below:



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