January 30, 2023
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The Infamous Miss Juggalette Pageant happens TONIGHT on ICP’s Patreon!

Holy shit Juggalos…this year’s Miss Juggalette pageant happens TONIGHT on ICP’s Patreon!  We didn’t have it last year due to a lack of a Gathering of the Juggalos, and with it being almost May with no announcement, it doesn’t look like we’ll have one this year either.

That DOESN’T mean that we can’t have some of the Gathering events that we all know and love virtually!

Tonight at 9 PM EST, your two favorite Wicked Clowns and Ouija Macc will be hosting the 2021 Miss Juggalette Pageant, and crowning the first new queen in two years!

If you are late to the party signing up to the Patreon, you can still get in on it and get your 2nd of 5 Ultra Live Monster 5 coins and ALL of the past several months of flavor!  To get in on that, click the flyer below:

Click to join ICP’s Patreon!

I’ll be tuning in live and hope you do the same!



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