April 1, 2023
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Wrong Side Of Da Tracks

Pig DukE x CX da Grinch

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The new split tape from deceased Detroit comedian/ghetto savant/hood icon Pig DukE and Colorado weed smokin’ Horror movie Rap all-star CX da Grinch. CD out now on Placenta Recordings. c32 Cassettes dropping shortly on TRASHFXCK. Featuring Krazy K of Devil’s Night Gangstaz, Toxic Perro of Dos Malvado Vatos, OCDMANE, Devil Lo, Damienn, and more!
  1. Pig DukE – Ocean Of Blood
  2. Pig DukE – Autograph
  3. Pig DukE – Fake Dealers
  4. Pig DukE – Why You Gotta Do Me Like That Part 2 (feat. Krazy K & Toxic Perro)
  5. Pig DukE – Real Budz (Skit)
  6. CX da Grinch – Mood For A Murder
  7. CX da Grinch – Keep it Real
  8. CX da Grinch – SIDE A
  9. CX da Grinch – SIDE B
  10. CX da Grinch – MONLITH (feat. OCDMANE)
  11. CX da Grinch – DethStranded (feat. Devil Lo)
  12. CX da Grinch – Ghetto Insanity

Stream via Bandcamp here:

Back from the dead and high as fuck on 10 P’s and some Rostov OG…Ready to watch yo hoe ass suffer tryin’ to wash yo ass, bitch! Cruising up Gratiot Ave. with a dead stiff in the front seat. Suspected father of over 85 children worldwide, Pig DukE continues to haunt us to this day. Rotten but not forgotten they once said around the city of Detroit, in eternal prayer for forgiveness of the sins committed by Lord Sire Dookie of Pigs. Bane of the Eastside, Kane of SW. Unspeakable atrocities continue in honor of the fallen soldier of the Devil’s Night Gangstaz click. R.I.P. Pig DukE of Detroit’s own Devil’s Night Gangstaz. Born in 1979, active since 1997. Shot in his penis in 2005. Resiliently bounced back in the pimpin’ game with a detachable penis. Overdosed speedballing with 3 prostitutes, each found dead with fake penises inside of them. This horrendous scene can only leave you to wonder what was happening whilst recording his final album under a freeway overpass off of 7 Mile on the eastside of the D on October 30th, 2018. A hard drive was uncovered after his dramatic funeral, where rival affiliates from the Eastside and Southwest Detroit feuded in a parade of gunfire on that last ride up Gratiot avenue. At the cemetery that evening a box of ancient cassettes and notebooks with drawings and lyrics from the beloved Pig Dookie Mayne was acquired from former D.N.G. producer Damienn by Placenta Recordings executive producer Jay Watson, long time friend and creative director of the D.N.G. Pig DukE (pronounced “DUKE – E”) is known for his drugged out freestyle Horrorcore pimp shit “from the deceased man with a detachable penis”. Known as “the best worst rapper in the industry, alive or dead”, hated by many but followed by a cult-like circle of scumbags, junkies, THOTS, prostitutes, serial killers, thugs, winos, freaks, losers, businessmen, human traffickers, and your slut momma & auntie. Get high, sit back, get your dick sucked, and laugh your ass off to the tales from one of Detroit’s most infamous MCs. R.I.P. Pig DukE. Now you can enjoy the entire Pig DukE discography in the comfort and safety of your own home.




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