June 25, 2022
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Shade Drops Exclusive “Heart Shaped Boxset” with Shade Condoms?

The underground’s Prince Of Horrorcore, aka Shade of Team Heka, recently dropped some exclusive freshness! I’m talking about a heart shaped boxset that includes a condom? Peep the official word taken straight from his page!

Looking for a wicked fresh gift to give your lover this Valentine’s Day? Look no further because the Lover Boy of the Wicked Shit has got you covered! Get your ass over to the Heka Shop and scoop up one of these collectable Lover Boy Heart Shaped Boxsets! Every box comes with the necessary essentials needed to get that mood set. Get your music going with that new Lover Boy Mixtape, tell that special someone how much you care on the card, slap some stickers on those nipples and put a glove on that lover scrubber! All for the low low of $17! Availability is limited so get over to the shop and secure yours today!

I don’t care what you think, this “Heart shaped boxset” is stupid fresh! Make sure to get your ass over to PrinceOfHorrorcore.com and comp one of these while you can!


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