November 28, 2022
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Force 5 Records Release Heartfelt Saint Dog Tribute & Unleash New “Ruckus” Mixtape!

Good afternoon, ninjas! The Wicked Wisconsin indie champions known to the underground as Force 5 Records have been hard at work on all kinds of music content all year long! The President and founder of Force 5 Records Donny “The DRP” Polinske recently wrote a full length heartfelt tribute editorial to fallen Kottonmouth Kings icon Saint Dog (RIP) exclusively for the latest Underground Nation Magazine. And it dives deep into the history of The DRP first finding the music of the Kottonmouth Kings and first becoming friends with Saint Dog with various hilarious tour stories. Here is a snippet from the Force 5 Records Saint Dog tribute piece. 

From Donny “The DRP” Polinske:

“I first got to meet him through Myspace in early 2007-2008. We had started
talking about booking shows together and when I became the new lead singer of
Primer 55 at this time, he said we should do a tour together with Primer 55/Saint
Dog. Before that tour happened though, we did some smaller runs of 4-5 shows
at a time. Saint Dog/The DRP tours began and the first show we ever did together
was in Omaha, NE with my friend, Ryan “P-Tro” Porter at a place called The
Hideout. Saint Dog brought Gillies (DGAF) with him and from the moment we all
met each other, the vibes were great. We had an amazing run of shows, and we
decided we should do more work together.

Over the next several years we did some amazing tours like, ‘The Home Grown
Tour”, Primer55/Saint Dog tour, and we even did a full DGAF/The DRP/Mars tour
with Chucky Chuck, Gillies, and Big Hoss along for the ride as well.

I have some crazy amazing stories with Saint, but also some pretty low points
together. (I won’t talk about those low points, but let’s just say, he and I saw each
other at our lowest points in life. But we never looked down on one another. We
would discuss our demons from time to time, but we always supported each
other in doing what we had to do to get better.) I don’t want to go through these
moments. I prefer, instead to go through some of the funny moments!

There was one time on tour, we were in Milwaukee, WI for the DGAF, “Wild In
The Streets” Tour. I had just broken up with my girlfriend of four years, and I
invited a “friend” to the Milwaukee show. I introduced her to Saint, and he asked
if she had more friends. Haha! At any rate, over the course of the night she got
pretty tipsy, and some dude at the bar tried talking to her. Saint saw this, went
over to the guy and politely tried to say, “This is my friends date, don’t talk to her
like that”. The dude (being drunk) didn’t care that Saint, at almost 6” 6’ was a
much bigger, more physical, intimidating presence then this guy. The back story
to this, is that Gillies from DGAF was on the road with us and just had surgery and
his whole head had to be stitched up prior to leaving for tour. He was told he had
to be careful not to bump his head at all! At any rate, Gillies saw Saint and this guy arguing, so he came over to calm Saint down. In the meantime, Mars was causing a riot on stage and as I was pulling
double-duty as an act performing and tour-managing, I was trying to get him off
the stage so I had no idea what was going on at the bar. The minute Gillies came
over to the bar, Saint had just launched a haymaker at this guy, it hit Gillies first,
ripping open his stitches, and the rest of the blow knocked out the guy at the bar.
That’s how strong and big Saint was. Of course the part about Gillies was a
bummer and Saint felt horrible about that, but he was just trying to defend me
and my friend. That whole night was a shit show, but we used to talk about the
riot in Milwaukee, WI every time we brought up tour stories. It’s a funny, cray
story now, but back then I got banned from putting on shows at The Rave/Eagles
Club for a bit after this night.”

Link to read the full Saint Dog tribute:

Today Force 5 Records also released the digital edition of their new mad flavored mixtape “The Ruckus Mixtape: Vol 2”. It contains 18 tracks of bangers featuring all of your favorite artists from the Wicked Wisconsin label including, Danny Diablo, Big Hoss, The DRP, Prolifik, Rick Dogg, King Relik, JaySin Logik, and the first verse from BIG LEFT (La Coka Nostra) since signing to the label, and also the last song from SAINT DOG called, “Like You Do” that was originally set to be released on the, “Bozo ” album. Hard copies will be available soon at  , but for now underground fans can support Vol 2 of the Force 5 Records Ruckus Mixtape at these links below!



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