December 9, 2022
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Soopa Gathering Competitions Announced!

It’s 4/20, and while a lot of you are celebrating, the ninjas at Psychopathic Records are hard at work to put on the best Gathering of the Juggalos yet!

Today, one of the sections of was updated with a TON of new info!  If you go to the Gathering to flex your skills, then this is the post that you’ve been waiting for!

Over 20 competitions have been announced, as well as the prizes that you have the chance to win!  There are some new fresh ones, and some old favorites!  Check the full list and details for all below.

Shimmer Fuckin Forest, Dawg! Family, ninjas, jugglas, and neck cuttaz—Where you postin’ up? Camp Superballs? Hero Mountain? Big Ballas? The masked ninja wants to see you get hype about your home base. Hook that shit up, and your camp could win one of several prizes the masked ninja himself will have as he rolls through the grounds of our Soopa Family Gathering! The best and most creative campsites will win a mystery box full of freshness! Are you ready for the masked ninja to descend on your campsite? May the most ninjatastic campsite win!

This often-hilarious trivia game show will test the entire span of your Juggalo knowledge and then some! Each round, three contestants will attempt to answer trivia questions in order to earn points. For every correct questioned answered, the winner will get to draw a giant card to either add it to their hand to try to get to 21 or give it to an opponent’s hand to bust them out! Whoever is still standing in the end wins! Want to put your Juggalo knowledge to the test? Then come on down! Prizes: 1st place—Collector’s GOTJ Amulet and a chance to win up to a $100 Gift Certificate in the bonus round.

Every artist is welcome to enter their masterwork creations in this epic art contest to see who among them can rate the best! If you wish to join, simply bring up to 3 pieces of your art (sculpting, painting, computer graphics, photography, etc.) to set up your presentation so you can contribute to the massive gallery of dope art that will be on hand. A panel of judges will then rate each exhibit on skill, originality, and inspiration to determine the top three winners, which will be announced at 2pm. Even if you don’t enter, make sure to stop by to check out all the awesomeness. Prizes: 1st Place—GOTJ Gold Plaque, Collectors GOTJ Amulet and $100 Gift Certificate; 2nd Place—$100 Gift Certificate; and 3rd Place—$50 Gift Certificate.

Cascading Faygo glistening in the afternoon sun, as it pours over curvaceous twerk-a-liscous Juggalette hotties…it just doesn’t get any better than this! Join your host Mike Busey and his bevy of Busey Beauties as they take you on a joy-filled bouncy ride along the raunchy wet highway of unadulterated fun! You ready for your adrenaline to kick into overdrive? Then come witness this carbonated chaos-filled spectacle that remains one of the most highly anticipated events of the year. Prizes: 1st Place—$300 in Cash and a Collectors GOTJ Amulet; 2nd Place—$150 Gift Certificate; and 3rd Place—$50 Gift Certificate. Those wishing to compete should show up at least 15 minutes before the contest begins with a white t-shirt, if possible. A Private dressing room will be provided.

Do you want to be in a Psychopathic filmed, edited, and produced music video to be officially aired on the Psychopathic YouTube channel for the entire world to see?!?! Stop playin’, homie! This is one of the greatest fuckin contests of all time and your chance to be immortalized forever! All you need to do is show up for these auditions, wait in line, and when your turn comes, spit 16 to 20 bars of your dopest rap in front of a panel of judges (a beat will be provided). Each performance will be rated on flow, lyrical content, and confidence. Afterwards the names of the top 6 performers will then be posted at the Info Tent. Winners will then show up at Cannibal’s House on Friday at Midnight for the filming of the 2019 Juggalo Psypher!!! So fuckin dope!!!

This wildly fun, albeit underrated, game show hosted by the ambiguously gay Chuck Bareass is an elaborate production to say the least. Anyone can compete by taking the stage to display whatever talent they possess; be it jump roping, clenching a 2-liter in your butt cheeks, burp singing, playing an instrument, a backflip presentation, etc. (but please no rapping). You can perform for up to 2 minutes alone or with friends. If you don’t school it, you may get gonged, but last till the end and the judges will rate your performance, with the top scores winning! Did we mention there will also be tearful man babies, mallet-wielding exotic dancers, glitter showers, scantily clad Bronies, balloon animals, and giant inflatable puppets!?! Prizes: 1st Place—GOTJ Gold Plaque, Collectors GOTJ Amulet, Mr. T’s Latex Headpiece with Sideburns, and an empty Gray Poupon Jar filled with $62.47; 2nd Place—$80 gift certificate, Pair of BluBlocker sunglasses, and a lap dance from a Gong Show dancer; and 3rd Place—Mystery gift.

This is a spectacle the likes of which will need to be seen to be believed. Come witness a parade of costumed visionaries who have transformed themselves into the embodiment of their wildest (and wickedest) imaginations. Here you will see everything from a sword-wielding ninja giraffe to a blood-splattered Santa Claus with a gift bag of severed body parts. This is one of the greatest traditions at the Gathering each year and is a wonderful way to showcase the amazing talent and imagination that our family has to offer.Prizes: 1st Place—GOTJ Gold Plaque, Collectors GOTJ Amulet, and $100 gift certificate; 2nd Place—$100 gift certificate; and 3rd Place—$50 gift certificate.Show dancer; and 3rd Place—Mystery gift.

It’s time to show some skin and pledge your pride to the Juggalo side! The world famous Gathering of the Juggalos tattoo contest returns! Show off your best ink and body art in the Freakshow Tent, where you will be proudly displayed and on stage like the work of art you are. No matter what or where your tattoos are, bring ‘em to the stage and strut your stuff, as we prepare to determine the best of the best before a crowd of your Juggalo homies! Don’t have any ink? Then come and bear witness to this dazzling display of inked flesh at its finest. Back by popular demand, it’s the Gathering of the Juggalos Tattoo Contest! Soooooopa edition! Prizes: 1st Place—GOTJ Gold Plaque, Collectors GOTJ Amulet and $100 gift certificate; 2nd Place—$50 gift certificate; and 3rd Place—$20 gift certificate.

Its back again like herpes simplex Z…its Juggalo Family Feud! In order to compete, gather a crew of 4 or 5 of your homies and head over to the Kapow Club to battle face to face with another crew to see who will come out on top and who will leave the stage in humiliating defeat! During the game, your crew will try to give the top answers to questions surveyed to 100 Juggalos! The first crew to reach 300 points wins the game and earns the right to move on to the fast money round, for a chance to win a $200 gift certificate! Each member of the winning crew will also win a Collectors GOTJ amulet. Survey says…“I’m dope, hoe!”

Are you ready to see just how good your raps really are? Here is where verbal assassins gather in a competition that will put their rap abilities to the ultimate test! It is a mental warfare of creativity, skill, and confidence, with the ultimate casualties being that of pride, dignity, and humility. Many will stand upon the staged arena but only one will remain in the end as the champion of MCs…. Could this be you? For this contest, rappers will first freestyle for 30 seconds to a provided beat. Those deemed worthy by the judges will then move into an elimination style battle, where two rappers at a time will compete directly against each other. In the end, there can be only one! Prizes: 1st Place—GOTJ Gold Plaque, Collectors GOTJ Amulet and $300 in cash; 2nd Place—$100 gift certificate; and 3rd Place—$50 gift certificate.

This tantalizing contest hosted by the beautiful women of Juggalesque will take you on a wondrous journey of silk, satin, lace, and leather, as a plethora of curvaceous Juggalettes free themselves of the restrictive clothing of everyday life to show off some of their sexiest sleepwear. You will think you are dreaming when the lines of fantasy and reality become blurred as you lay witness to sexiness taken to a whole new level of fun! Prizes: 1st Place—$300 in cash and a Collectors GOTJ Amulet; Second Place—$150 gift certificate; and Third Place—$50 gift certificate.

Get ready for carbonated explosive fun as you try to launch Faygo bottles the furthest distance using whatever method you can devise. If you achieve the greatest distance, you will be able to sit on the Faygo throne…that is, until someone beats your score! The last contestant still sitting on the throne at the end wins and is bestowed the honorary title of Faygo King! Prize: Furthest distance—$100 Gift Certificate and Collectors GOTJ Amulet

Got Neden? No? Then this is where you need to be! Five players will be chosen from the crowd for each round of this adult game show for a chance to win a date with a hot Juggalette or debonair Juggalo. Contestants will answer rather bizarre, risqué, and revealing questions from their perspective suitor while they remain hidden from view. If you want to win, you will have to do it on personality alone. Do you have what it takes to master the Neden? We will see my Vaseline-handed friend…we will see. Prizes: The winner of each game will then get to go a date (8pm—mid) while hanging out in the Soopa backstage area!!!

This Name-That-Tune style gameshow pits three competitors at a time against each other as they try to name classic underground songs as quickly as possible. This game will test each player’s musical knowledge to the limit in four different challenges to determine who among them is a true musical guru, allowing them to come out on top. Prizes: The winner of each game will receive a Collectable GOTJ Amulet and go onto a bonus round for a chance to win a $100 gift certificate.

Beauty. Grace. Talent. And that sinister, seductive style. Poised with a perfect stature, yet with a shiny, sharp axe clutched behind her picturesque frame. She is the Soopa Queen of the Juggalos…And she is here to snatch the crown and astound the world as she claims her rightful place on the throne! Do you have what it takes to snatch the trophy and wear the crown upon your perfect, clown-painted brow? Then enter the Soopa Miss Juggalette Pageant and dare to compete in three scintillating rounds! Round 1: Personality, where you will be asked a question as you let your charisma shine. Round 2: Talent, where you will be given several minutes to showcase your skills (anything from acrobatics, to dancing, to fire breathing, to singing, to art, etc.). Round 3: Swimsuit, where you can work the runway and let the crowd be amazed by your beauty! Step up to claim your title–The Soopa Queen! It’s the world famous, notorious, Soopa Miss Juggalette Pageant! Mad love and respect to the Soopa Queen! Prizes: 1st Place—GOTJ Gold Plaque, Backstage Pass, Collectors GOTJ Amulet and $200 Gift Certificate; 2nd Place—$200 Gift Certificate; and 3rd Place—$100 gift certificate.

The DCG Pavilion is a place where you can sit back and play a game or two, from noon til 4am! There will not only be a games library for you to choose from, but there will be various gaming tournaments running throughout the GOTJ (see below). The Masters Tournament for each game will be held on Sunday at 4pm. In order to enter the Master Tournament, you will need to have previously won a standard tournament of the respective game. A player who wins the Masters Tournament will receive a GOTJ Gold Plaque and become the GOTJ 2019 champion for that game!

It just doesn’t get any more politically incorrect, offensive or vulgar then playing a game of Juggalos Against Sanity. The only real question is how far are you willing to go in order to win this tournament which requires all human decency to be set aside? Tournament Prizes: 1st Place—JAS Booster Pack (10 unique cards), 6” DCG Magnet, Collectors GOTJ Amulet and admission into the Masters Tournament. 2nd Place—6” DCG Magnet and admission into the Masters Tournament. Master Tournament Prize: 1st Place Only—GOTJ Gold Plaque.

As the never-ending demonic hoard pours through the rift into our mortal realm, the light of humanity fades amidst the tortured screams of those with the will left to fight. Do you have what it takes to assemble an army capable of defeating such a force of infinite evil? Tournament Prizes: 1st Place—Set of 15 foil Epic cards, 6” DCG Magnet, Collectors GOTJ Amulet and admission into the Masters Tournament. 2nd Place—6” DCG Magnet. Master Tournament Prize: 1st Place Only—GOTJ Gold Plaque.

Shangri-La has come under a dark shadow created by some unknown nefarious power. You have embarked on a dangerous quest to traverse Detroit, the Nethervoid and the Dark Carnival to uncover the mystery of this otherworldly threat. Will you even survive long enough to cross the sacred bridge? Tournament Prizes: 1st Place—Set of 10 Holographic Ending Cards, 6” DCG Magnet, Collectors GOTJ Amulet and admission into the Masters Tournament. 2nd Place—6” DCG Magnet. Master Tournament Prize: 1st Place Only—GOTJ Gold Plaque.

This game is all about being calm and collect even in the midst of extreme pressure. Can you go all in with your tournament life on the line, on a stone-cold bluff and not even bat an eye? It will take much more that, if you want to go deep through the field of sharks! Tournament Prizes: 1st Place—DCG Zippo Lighter, 6” DCG Magnet, Collectors GOTJ Amulet and admission into the Masters Tournament. 2nd Place—6” DCG Magnet and admission into the Masters Tournament. 3rd Place—Admission into the Masters Tournament. Master Tournament Prize: 1st Place Only—GOTJ Gold Plaque and a custom Hatchetman Poker Chip Set.

This dope game of random reality, which is the first DCG game ever produced, would see players engaged in Quests that have them doing an infinite number of various things that encompass the entire range of human activity. Anything can and probably will happen at one point or another when you play this adventurous game long enough…so play at your own risk ninjas! Tournament Prizes: 1st Place (for each member of the winning Inner Circle) —6” DCG Magnet and Collectors GOTJ Amulet. Also, the two players deemed to have schooled it the hardest during the Quest will gain admission into the Masters Tournament. Master Tournament Prize: 1st Place Only—GOTJ Gold Plaque.

Hosted by your homies the Reno Rydas, come try your hand at this game that is quickly becoming a Juggalo favorite (make sure to bring a teammate). It sounds easy enough. All you have to do is throw a football at a group of bowling pins and knock them down. Except it’s not easy. And those pins…they mock you. There is always a few left teasing you…those…pins. You will have nightmares. AHHHHHHHH…THOSE…FUCKIN…PINS! Tournament Prizes (for each team member): 1st Place Only — DCG Zippo Lighter, 6” DCG Magnet, Collectors GOTJ Amulet and admission into the Masters Tournament. 2nd Place—6” DCG Magnet. Master Tournament Prize: 1st Place Only—GOTJ Gold Plaque.

To view the fresh pictures that accompany the competitions, go to this link:

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