October 3, 2023
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UPStival 3

in Gettysburg, PA, Pennsylvania

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As most of you know I hate writing reviews because I can never find the words for my thoughts, but I feel I should attempt to write a small review for UPStival 3.

So, my trip to UPStival 3 came about from a Facebook post. One of FLH’s interviewers commented on a post from Durte (the guy that puts the event on) about going, Durte quickly told him that he hook him up with a press pass, if he came out. Randomly, I commented about going as well. Durte quickly responded back that he’d hook me up with a pass as well. He mentioned how he would love for Faygoluvers to come out and cover UPStival 3.

After speaking with my wife about it, we decided to go. I spoke with Durte, purchased my wife a ticket, booked a hotel for a couple nights, and we were all set to go.

After I got off work on Friday, June 2nd, we dropped our kids off at a babysitter, picked up a friend, and headed out. The 6 hour ride turned into a 8 or 9 hours because we stopped at the slowest Denny’s in the world. I swear every trip I take has at least one food stop horror story. At around 2am we checked into our hotel and called it a night.

We got up on Saturday morning, got ready for the day, hit up a restaurant to food, and made our way to UPStival 3. I was only expecting a press pass, but Durte went above and beyond and hooked me up with a performers pack that included T-shirt, Beer Cup (for free beer), shot glass, food voucher, and a press/ performer pass.

This honestly is the first time I’ve ever been hooked up like this. I was overwhelmed by the kindness shown by Durte. Reflecting back I still can’t believe the freshness I was hooked up with.  I quickly got my cameras up and ready. After a few hellos the first set of performers was set to start.

The first set of performances feature Majik Duce, Bio Killz, Jen X, Stevie Mills, Sleep Lyrical, Mumm Ra, Mr. Morbid, and H8trid. Overall every performer put on a great show. One of the highlights of this block of performances was everyone singing Happy Birthday to Mumm Ra.

Once the first set of performances was over there was a 3 hour wait until the next set of performances was going to start. During this time there was beer pong, musical chairs, and wrestling. For most of the break I just to relax and hung out with friends. I watched and snapped some photos of the beer pong and musical chairs. As the beer pong was winding down, the wrestling was beginning. This was a awesome time, as I was finally able to photograph wrestling from ring side! I have been waiting to shoot wrestling forever.

After the wrestling was over there was still a small wait until the second set of performances was set to begin. The second set was filled with dope performance by Zero, Souljers, Hard Target, McNastee, Durte, Alla Xul Elu, Madd Maxxx, Lo Key and Anybody Killa. This set of performers put on one hell of a show. The best part of the event was seeing and knowing the performers were having just as much fun, if not more as the people in the crowd. Anybody Killa closed out the event with one of the best sets I’ve ever seen from him.

Shortly after the performances were over my wife and I decided just to head back to our hotel and rest. I had planned on leaving around 6am, but since no one else was awake I decided to push it back. Around 8:30am we hit the road and started our 6 hour ride home. Upon reaching my home I sat back an reflect on how great of an event UPStival 3 is. I’m ready looking forward to UPStival 4.

To see a full galleries of photos click this link: shotbyshifty.smugmug.com/USPtival-3


  • Pennsylvania
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  • 06/03/2017 - 06/03/2017


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