September 29, 2023
6 Guests and Online

N-Type, Dub Commission

History of Bass Tour

The Green Elephant in Dallas, Texas

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Once more I find myself at the hidden gem that is The Green Elephant in Dallas, drawn to the irresistible notion that a UK Bass Veteran had booked. “How?” I asked myself, most of these guys hit Houston or Austin unless it’s the one time a year we’re allowed to host a massive. And to that you might say “What about Rusko or Caspa? They’re here almost too much” and to that I breathe a jolly “Fuck you”. Neither of those people are N-Type. Hosting the night is the Dallas based Bass collective known as Dub Commision, sporting a good sized roster fronted by founder and local headliner Dragonman. When I did my arbitrary lap around the Elephant I noticed some pretty great art on display and better yet paint smacking canvas with some live graffiti ala Todd Bot and his crew. It’s those moments that a touch of spray paint in the air doesn’t make you exponentially sicker that you really have to treasure. When you combine that with unrelenting pressure belting from the stacks it’s like stepping onto another planet. One which has an atmosphere completely made of bass and the errant smell of cannibus wherever you turn. There’s popular EDM club in Dallas (that I won’t promote unless I have to) that has the habit of disallowing the main room openers from keeping the bass up or sometimes restricting access to the entire system. I get why they do it, it’s basically to help put more emphasis on the headliners, but they kill otherwise great mix sessions in the process. Thank goodness the management here isn’t privy to that because every last one of the openers mixed great. Though there were some errors along the way, mismatches, flubbed cues; another great aspect of the show made it’s appearance and that was the audience. They completely ate the few mistakes that were made and encouraged those acts to continue, everybody was on board for every minute, some twerking themselves into dehydration. Tangles impressed the crowd and proved that you can be a great lady DJ (and great DJ in general) without dressing like a douchebag. Fracture threw out some of the more popular dubstep sounds into the crowd, followed by Dragonman who has my eternal thanks for giving me some Addison Groove.

Dub Commission was worth admission by themselves honestly and I’ll have a hard time missing anything they do from now on, including their 7 birthday March 8th at the very same venue. Any and all Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex ninjas that actually own a calendar should write that down. That’s a Saturday, the day after your check comes in and the day before you wonder where it went. All of this lead up to our headliner, Dubstep Chieftain N-Type. This man is decorated to say the least. He heads up his own label that produces club thumpers at a damn decent pace, Wheel & Deal, hosts a weekly show on one of the biggest EDM stations there is, RinseFM, and if that wasn’t enough you could legitimately blame him for helping to shape the dubstep scene in it’s original form some 7 years ago. He continues to do so as is evident when he takes to the tables. His dates are dubbed “The History of Bass Tour” and it delivers on it’s name. His set spanned Trap, Bassline, Jungle, some aggressive joints from the likes of Grime footsoldier Preditah like this favorite instrumental of mine that had me spoutin Manga and Wiley’s hook compulsively.

I know a couple ninjas who wouldn’t mind spittin bars over somethin powerful like that, in fact I issue an open challenge to any of the MCs that read this to do it justice and post it to the FLH Facebook. But then we can’t forget all the dubstep laced throughout his set, touchin on some Dungeon Dubs by the likes of Tunnidge

and the VIP mix (that’s Variation in Production) of the first dubstep single to top the charts. Night by Coki & Benga. This mix starts as the original and ends as the VIP:

When I was heading to the show I kind of fantasized that I might be able to request something of N-Type. Maybe something with some Greensleeves flavor, the cornerstone label for Reggae and Dub. And sure enough:

Some mic issues half way through deprived us of his sounding off but in spite of that the show had everything you could want out of it and left us only wanting more. His last track was followed by another last track sheerly out of the lack of desire he had to end that he shared with us. After the lights went up a handfull of dudes that may or may not have included myself shouted encore at him like it was a crowd of 300. A spectacle when you think about the fact that the man was 5 feet in front of us in an otherwise quiet room. His show was an hour and a half but it blew by. We were all completely entrenched. Enchanted by a rich history of music so powerful you can feel it bounce of of your skin and oscillate through your heart. Both literally and figuratively. Anyone that has the chance needs to lockdown their tickets for N-Type now and download his broadcasts to tie you over while you wait. He’s on from 7 to 9PM on Monday on RinseFM (1 to 3 AM at Rinse headquarters).


  • The Green Elephant
  • Texas
  • United States



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  • 12/14/2013


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  1. sirowens1

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    Great write-up!

    I believe it’s Fracture, not Frakture though. :D

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    Comment posted on Wednesday, December 18th, 2013 06:39 pm GMT -5 at 6:39 pm

    I… have a German keyboard? Fixed and link’d

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