September 29, 2023
5 Guests and Online

Insane Clown Posse

Hallowicked 2018

Russell Industrial Center in Detroit, Michigan

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Yo, what up, GothicShorty here, and this is my review on Hallowicked 2018!! Hope you ninjas enjoy!
(Also, forgive my lateness!)

So, weeks before the event, I reached out to L.S. Wolfe and Chris Sheehan, and asked if I could go up to the event with them, and they let me stay in their home, and sleep, and kick it with them. Tox came and got me a few days early, and I swear, staying at their house is like being at the Gathering sometimes, fuck yo sleep! :P So, while I was there, I was encouraged by Tox to draw up some ideas, and sell them at Hallowicked. So, I drew my own interpretations of The Wraith: Hell’s Pit, The Ringmaster, and the RiddleBox. On top of that, I sketched something pretty awesome for Morton’s List, and put that on display at their booth. :) But, that’s jumping ahead. So, a few days before the event, Chris and Tox found out they needed to headed up a day or two early, so they could do some volunteer work. Which is mad fresh, but, my homie Sly Johnson wasn’t going to be in Detroit until the 30th, so, I didn’t have anywhere to sleep. Thankfully, Andy Sherman and Sarah Sherman welcomed me into their home, and I had a place to rest my head, when I could sleep. (Again, fuck my sleep, sometimes!) I seriously enjoyed kicking it with you guys. So, we had time to get there, and we got to go to a 4JuggalosByJuggalos gaming event that Andy was running, and man, I had SO much fun, even though I didn’t game too much. I got to see Vinnie The ICP Kid, and got to give him a piece of art I worked on for him after DCG Con! I was just happy to see family everywhere! We ended up playing a game of Juggalos Against Sanity…which, I believe we were soundly beaten by Sarah. After the event wrapped up, we all began to leave, and head to our respective locations.

I slept hard, and the next day was upon us. I expressed a desire to go to Rock Of Ages, and man, I am so glad we did. As SOON as I walked in the doors, there was Psychopathic merch, band shirts from bands I absolutely loved, patches, and CDs. I was just ogling everything in there, and they were selling tickets to Hallowicked there. Now, I’m glad I talked with the lady there, as she informed me the tickets were selling out fast. My homie, Leonard Danner, who was about to head up that way, was gonna wait until he got there to buy his ticket, so, I just went ahead, and used the money I had to buy his ticket, and he paid me back after he arrived. Crisis averted! After that visit, we had to go to printing place, and make prints of my artwork to sell at the event. Which was a bit of a hassle, but, I ended up walking away only paying like, 2 dollars for 15 prints. So, I was able to relax a little bit better, and I was feeling hungry, so, at Chris’s suggestion, we had Del Taco….I’m addicted. Absolutely addicted. Good burritos, and spicy too! Then, we went home for the evening, and crashed out, but, not before being told I was allowed to volunteer and help set up for the event! So stoked, and I went to bed excited!

So, the next day rolls around, and I was a lot slower waking up that day. Thankfully, I woke up to Andy cooking breakfast, and my god. I had the best Biscuits and gravy in my entire life. After breakfast, I waddled after Chris and Tox, and we went to the Russel to help set up. It was really fun to help out, and get to see Rachel Paul and Jumpsteady again, and help them unload the trailer, and move stuff around. 10/10, would help them again. We worked clear on until the evening, then, I got a text from Sly, telling me to head on over to the hotel, so someone could be there when Leonard Danner got in. So, Tox quickly rushed me there, and, I eventually met up with him, and my awesome friend Tobi(Selena Salo) and we gamed, jammed out to music, and drank some wine. It was a fresh night.

Now, it’s the day of Hallowicked, and we started early. Sly and Leonard painted their faces, while I got ready, and prepped everything. Then, D Louise Walker and her bf came and scooped us up, and we rode to the show together. Blasting Hell’s Pit, and just going nuts. We got to the venue, and seeing the look on my homie’s face when he saw the venue, was absolutely priceless. It was his FIRST large scale event. So, he was looking around, and excitedly shouting “Whoop whoop!!” at EVERY ninja he saw. Then, I loudly proclaimed it was his first event, and my boy got his first Faygo shower. He didn’t realize how cold the Faygo was, so, sorry homie! Eventually, we got inside, and immediately started exploring. I ran into Childsplayninja, Blake Marchand(Notslim1), The Carnival Spirits guys, and of course, the Reno Rydaz! Went and entered their Fowlarama tournament, and got pretty far into it! I had a blast! Charles Chuck Ross and Tay Tay have always been super fresh with me, and this year was no different. Much love to you guys! I also ran into my homegirls Mandy Moore and Sarah Marcus. Love you both, so much!

I walked around the venue quite a bit, just taking in the sites(A little buzzed, not gonna lie), and selling my artwork. I caught a little bit of Esham’s set, and Clownvis as well. But, I was mainly saving my energy for ICP later in the evening. The thing I was enjoying was seeing my homie Leonard just, fitting in so well, and having a blast, and I finally ran into Hashly Haze and Randall Hanka McNeill and Scott Donihoo, of Faygoluvers. You guys are amazing, and I hope to someday write reviews with you guys! I’d love it so much! Flip Flop The Clown was there as well…doing his, thing. But, I walked by a big thing of just…fetish! afterwards, I met the awesome Shane Coats and Tai Sukkew Coats, who were dope as fuck! The night went on amazingly, and finally, it was time for ICP!!
I made sure Leonard was in front row, then I found my spot, close enough to the stage, but a little to the side. It was a blast, as usual, the Wicked Clowns blew my wig off. Hokus Pokus, In Yo Face, We Belong, Welcome To The Show, Down With The Clown, and Tilt A Whirl were some of the many songs played that night, and they fucking slayed! And the fact the venue was so huge, I watched those 2 liters go flying HIGH as fuck. Finally, came time for Faygo Armageddon, and this was the only stale thing of the night to be honest. The security guards at the Russel were…being honestly ridiculously aggressive, and anyone who tried to get onstage, were violently pulled off, and slammed on the ground. Of course, I thought it was bullshit, and said so. I then had a security guard call me a transphobic insult, and walked away after seeing him get beaned in the head with a 2 liter! Oh well! Karma’s a bitch! So, after the end of it all, I walked back out to the game room, and kicked it there for a moment, then rushed back, to go catch my first ever JCW matches…sadly, I only got to see two matches, and part of Mac Lethal’s set, and due to my being distracted, because there was a ninjette from JAPAN at the event, suddenly, I was being herded to the front of the venue, as the security was suddenly kicking everyone out. Don’t know why for, but, thankfully, Chris and Tox were there, and grabbed me and Leonard, and said we were crew, so we could help them tear down. Tear down was quick, and well executed, and honestly, Rachel is a DAMN good boss, and good at getting people to work their hardest. Finally, I collapsed in Tox’s car, and was done for the night. I couldn’t stand without being in pain.

Next morning, Sly had to leave mad early, and thankfully Tox again saved the day, and got Leonard to the bus station so he can get a bus home, and I stayed with him and Chris at Andy’s one last night. Then, we came home! Detroit, I will be back! You can count on it!!


  • Russell Industrial Center
  • Michigan
  • United States


  • Esham, Stitches, Cage, Mac Lethal, Ouija Macc


  • Hallowicked

Record Label:

  • Psychopathic Records



Review Date:

  • 10/31/2018


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