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Insane Clown Posse

ICP's "Riddle Box" Tour (leg 2)

The Chance in Poughkeepsie, New York

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Let me start by saying this…I was not going to write a review for this show, but after it was over, it turned into a must.

On October 1st, the carnival returned to town and it was once again time to turn the crank for another Riddle Box show!

My day started with my wife and I heading to our baby sitters and picking up our kids. Yup picking them UP, where as I’d normally be dropping them off, I was picking them up instead. You may be asking yourself..why? Well, because after a lot of thought and discussion we decide to bring our kids to their first concert ever!

We stopped for a quick bite to eat and at our house to make sure we had everything we needed before we hit the road to the venue, which was just over 2 hours away. After our mini road trip we arrived at the venue about an hour and a half early.

We quickly headed over to pick up our tickets from one of the openers King Irish. Our homies Stalks and Reapz of It That Betrays were already there..  After chilling for a bit, we head off to McDonald‘s to use the restroom and grab my kids some ice cream.

By the time we returned the doors were open, but hardly anyone had arrived yet. So, we hung outside for a little bit longer with some of our homies (Rehab and Mason) who had arrived while we were at McDonalds. We headed in shortly before the first performer was set to start. I went to check on how the photo pit was set up and realize there wasn’t one. The last time I attended a show at this venue, I spent almost the whole show in the photo area. So, this was shocking!


The first local opener was U.F.O.. I would like to tell you about his performances, but I really can not. During his set I was looking for a spot to shoot photos. After a short period of time, I ended up being up front on the left side of the stage. The cool thing about this spot was my wife and kids ended up deciding to also watch the show from the same spot!

How dope is that? Being able to shoot photos of an event for Faygoluvers and being able to watch and enjoy the performances with our kids! Let me skip head for a quick thought. Honestly, no matter how the photos came out (I think the photos I shot on the first leg came out better), being able to spend the night and watch my kids interact with the performers is the highlight of the night.


Next up was the second and final local opener King Irish. At times he was joined by Rocky of Sixx Oh Seven and Hannah. King Irish quickly was able to get the crowds attention with his solid lyrics and flow. There seemed to be an issue with the sound system but Irish was able to fight through it and put on a really good show.

DJ Carlito was out next and kicked off the tour part of the show by introducing Trilogy.


This was my second time seeing Trilogy. He seemed to have an improved stage presence. The highlight of his set for me was watching my son’s reaction to his performance and seeing Trilogy react to it on stage. After his set was over my wife took our kids to his merch booth to meet him.

DJ Carlito was out again to announce the next performer, CANE HILL.


Cane Hill took the stage with passion and fury! The crowd went fucking nuts during their set. The pit intensified as they performed each song. With fierce lyrics and heavy music they left you wanting more. I wish they were giving more time. I will definitively keep my eyes on Cane Hill. My wife even mentioned how she enjoyed their performance and she is not really a big fan of metal/heavier rock music.

DJ Carlito was back out to introduce the next artist set to perform, LYTE (Young Lyte).


Lyte hit the stage an performed a quick set. This was my first time actually listening to his music. He has a good flow. It seems like all of the artists on this tour had really short sets. I plan to sit down and check out his music before I have an expanded opinion on him.

Once again, DJ Carlito was out to announce the next artist, which was Psychopathic Records newest artist, BLAHZAY ROZE.


Between the online chatter about protesting her performance and the overall lack of material she has released…I really wasn’t sure what to expect from her set. Overall, she did a decent job. She seemed really nervous. From my view a good portion of the crowd was enjoying her performance. I think the short set time really helped her out.

DJ Carlito returned to the stage to introduce BIG HOODOO.


Outside of ICP and Blahzay, I was most looking forward to finally watching Big Hoodoo perform. I was upset I missed him at the Gathering. With his performance, Big Hoodoo proved he is the most slept on artist on Psychopathic Records! His flow, lyrics, and stage presence were on point. I’m already looking forward to the next time I get to see home.

Next up was the main event, the wicked clowns INSANE CLOWN POSSE were set to hit the stage.


From the time Violent J hit the stage it was complete MADNESS! The entire performance of the Riddle Box was filled with Juggalos and Juggalettes hopping up on stage and either/or spray a bottle of Faygo or stage diving. There was not a time during ICP’s performances that someone was not crowd surfing. Violent J and Shaggy were on point with their performance.

A highlight of ICP’s performance was Violent J making sure to spray my kids with faygo.When he first noticed them, he quickly got a huge smile on his face. He also tossed a bottle cap to my son. He has kept it with him everywhere he has gone since.  During the last couple songs my daughter was begging my wife to let her get on stage, after some hesitation, I agreed to let her hop on stage.

When “I’m Coming Home” hit both of my kids and wife hopped up on stage and took part in the Faygo Armageddon. While they were up there Rocky of Sixx Oh Seven tossed my daughter on his shoulders and let her enjoy her time up there. Once my kids and wife surfaces, they had the biggest smiles on there faces.


The whole ICP performance reminded me of an old school punk show with how the crowd was. Once it was all said and done, we met up with our friends ITB and headed outside. After our goodbyes, it was time to head to the car and change out clothes. We made a quick stop to grab some food for my wife and kids and then started our trip home.

The drive home was horrible. My GPS took me down some random, dark, back roads. Even with the shitty ride home, nothing could ruin my happiness with seeing my kids enjoy their first concert.


  • The Chance
  • New York
  • United States


  • Big Hoodoo, Blahzay Roze, Lyte, Cane Hill, Trilogy, King Irish, U.F.o.


  • Riddle Box

Record Label:

  • Psychopathic Records



Review Date:

  • 10/01/2016 - 10/01/2016


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