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DJ Carlito’s Juggalo Jam (First of Many!) — Review & Photos by Cherry Bomb

A few weeks ago, I got an invite from Rude Boy, for an epic party that he & DJ Carlito had been brewing for a while.  It was a last-minute decision to go, as Detroit is about a 3-hour drive from Fort Wayne, and I had to work that day.  When my husband and I saw who all was coming (along with getting a personal invite from Rudy), we decided we had to go.  So, I got off work, and threw my camera and camera accessories in a bag, along with girl-type products (hair ties, ribbons, makeup, etc) to make myself look cute on the way; then we hit the road.


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“After all of us being together at The Gathering and everybody being so busy, I was inspired for us having a chill night together – not only with the company – but with the Juggalos as well.  I always thought it would be cool to party at a venue with everything Juggalo.  The first [Juggalo Jam] can be described in one word: EPIC” ~DJ Carlito

I was nervous about getting in, since this venue only holds 300-400 people, and I thought we’d get there late.  Surprisingly, we ended up there just after the doors opened, and got right in.  Carlito was dead set on making this a free event.  The Token Lounge was an awesome venue for this.  The staff was awesome, and the setup worked really well.  We walked in, showed ID, and got our hands stamped.  No cover!  The bar was on the left, near the front of the venue.  We got drinks and began to mingle.  Immediately, I began to run into my friends.  I didn’t really tell anyone we were coming, so everyone was surprised to see us!


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There were tables set up with people playing Into The Echoside, across from the bar.  Jumpsteady, J-Webb, and others were deep into it.  I hadn’t played it yet, at this point, so I watched – in awe – but didn’t know exactly what was going on.  Everyone playing looked like they were enthralled, as well as the crowds watching.  Now that I have played it several times, I know exactly why.  That game is the shit, real talk.


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The first few people I recognized were my homies from MADhouse, Restriktid, LiteW8, who hit the stage first, and I got some killer photos of their bloody performance.  DJ Carlito was in his zone, spinning only “Juggalo jams” – he kept that party going.  Somehow I talked Rudy into slipping me a VIP wristband so I could go backstage and take photos from all the places.


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Wandering around, I ran into my fellow Native World Inc. crew: Flagrant, Bake Lo, Rachelette, Bonez Dubb, Kegan, Josh Ulrich, Big HooDoo….ABK showed up with Mr. Y.U.G. and he couldn’t make it more than a few steps without being stopped and asked to sign something or take a picture.  That place was packed!


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Sugar Slam was mingling, and playing Into The Echoside with the fam.  I showed her some photos of her & J’s kids I had taken at the Hallowicked 2015 after party, and she and I chatted for a while – she got all sentimental on me.   I was stopped by several people who know who I am, and  I made some new friends!  Everywhere I turned, there stood my family.  No place I would rather be.


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As the night went on, more and more people kept showing up.  You never knew who was going to walk through the door next.


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Did I mention that it was Bonez Dubb’s birthday!?  If it wasn’t a party already, it was now.  His brother Young Wicked came in.  And Blahzay Roze.  I didn’t realize until after the fact that she was handing out free shit!  I love free shit!  I talked to her for a bit, I could tell she was shy.  She was one of the sweetest people I have ever met.  And anyone else who met her that night will tell you the exact same thing.


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“Although I was nervous to make my first appearance in public, I was also extremely excited.  I have some serious social anxiety problems I’ve been battling for many, many years; and even though I couldn’t do “simple” shit like go outside, I never had a problem being at a Juggalo event.  Like, I would throw up just going to the store!!!  But, I could mosh the fuck out at a Psychopathic show, Gathering, etc.  So I knew it’d be all good.  I was absolutely humbled by all the love Juggalos were showing me.  It was truly a magical fuckin night!” ~Blahzay Roze


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More and more people flooded that bar.  Jeff The Ref, PJ, Rich, Lisa Pena, Mrs. Bukshot, and so many more I’m sure I’m forgetting.  Billy Bill was there, and I showed him a photo I had taken at The Gathering of 2Tuff Tony and ABK doing a POJ on a passed out security guard, and he laughed.  That was the first time we have ever seen him smile.  Don’t tell anyone, I don’t want to ruin his reputation.


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I felt a nudge, and looked up, and in walks Violent J.  In the flesh.  Merely a few feet in front of me.  He couldn’t get anywhere fast, because everyone swarmed around him.  He looked good.  Healthy, happy.  I wasn’t trying to hound dog, but I had a photo gift for him.  I gave it to him, and continued to make a lap.  Beautiful girls were all over.


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The best part, in my opinion, was how chill it was.  Everyone was just hanging out, talking, dancing, enjoying the tunes.  Usually, at events that I am photographing, it’s slightly stressful – running around to get to where you need to be when you need to be there, along with having all your equipment ready and available, while still trying to be social and enjoy the show.   This was totally laid-back.  Stress-free.  The other nice thing, was the size and layout of the venue.  It was relatively small, but open, which made the whole thing very intimate.  If you had the chance to go, and you missed it, you should punch yourself in the face.


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“First and foremost, I want to thank the Juggalos, because without you, there is no us.  Wanna thank my partner in crime: the fuckin RUDE BOY!  Wanna thank The Duke of the fuckin Wicked: VIOLENT J.  Wanna thank my road dogs: Billy Bill, Spaz Matt, and Dougie.  Wanna thank the Master of the Fyling Guillotine: JUMPSTEADY, and Big Louis Simpson for whooping ass at Into The Echoside all night!!  Wanna thank the big bro: Big HooDoo for coming out and spreading that black magic all night.  Wanna thank the Hatchet Warrior himself: ABK, and the entire Native World family for holding down the party.  Making her first ever public debut – at the Juggalo Jam: BLAHZAY ROZE!” ~DJ Carlito


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“The fuckin Axe Murder Boyz: Bonez Dubb, and the Psychopathic prodigy himself: YOUNG WICKED.  SWEET SUGAR SLAM!!  IBW world campion Alcatraz 187.  JCW’s newest and hottest tag team: Revenge of the Nerds.  10/31. MADhouse.  My boy, Kegan The Creep Ass.  The homie UpChuck The Clown.  George Aneed.  A.T. Huck.  Jeff the Ref, the entire Psychopathic staff and crew, all the dope photographers: Rachelette, Cherry Bomb, etc.  To everyone I forgot, I am soooo sorry but you know I love yall either way.  Whoop Whoop, Scoop Poop.” ~DJ Carlito


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The night wrapped up with Rude Boy inviting everyone up on the stage while Carlito spun “Juggalo Homies.”  We said our goodbyes, and started discussing food.  A group of us decided to go down the street to Ram’s Horn.  I had a 3-hour drive home and was starving.  Also, I don’t eat meat, so White Castle or most fast food is out of the question.


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So the group of us walk in to the restaurant, and we see Violent J and Young Wicked sitting with a few people in a booth against the wall.  We gave them the “what’s up” acknowledgement  nod, and sat down and ordered our food.  I talked to a few of the restaurant staff members, and I remember one guy specifically telling me something like “after working here for 12 years, you think you’ve seen everything-nothing surprises you.  Until a night like tonight.”  I don’t think we were the only Juggalos to get our grub on there.  I basically responded with something like, “now you’ve seen everything.”


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“Juggalo Jams deserve to be in every city; although we cannot always guarantee all of the family will be able to participate, we still bring that Juggalo love to a city near you.  There’s no doubt the first one was purely magical.  Props to DJ Carlito for making it happen.” ~Rude Boy


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Moral of the story, is that this was a blast.  The most fun I’ve had in a long time.  Carlito had a genius idea to do this, and I’m so proud of him for making it happen.  If you have the opportunity – as these are popping up around the country – GO!  Get there.

“Juggalos of the world – we just started – watch for the JAM to come to your hood!” ~DJ Carlito

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