May 25, 2024
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Insane Clown Posse

Oddball Brawl at St. Andrew's Hall

Saint Andrew's Hall in Detroit, Michigan

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What’s up fam? This is a first edition of a new kind of coverage straight from I’m Bobbo Tokes, the new ninja dropping wrestling action on a regular basis for the juggalos,  lettes,  wrestling fans and underground in general. This is a project that Scottie D and I threw together three days before juggalo weekend. It’s a double edition review. The first one is the JCW Oddball Brawl and the other is the in-store at Rock of ages with the Insane Clown Posse.

On Feb 16, 2013 Psychopathic records kicked of the 2nd annual juggalo holiday originally a one day event, now turned into a two day mini gathering minus drug bridge and naked ninjas. The day started with clear skies and it looked like smooth sailing down to Detroit. Me and my lettes took off with enough time to get down to our first stop for JCW’s Oddball Brawl about a hour early. We had press passes to cover the show and get some pics of the fam. Little did we know it was about to turn into a slow trip. As soon as we hit I-75 south it turned to complete white out conditions, even though the weather channel said a hour before we left it would be partly sunny, my ass. We had seen a good 12 different sets of accidents, including at 30+ car crash. The whole way down we crept at a stale pace of 30 mph. After taking an hour and a half longer to get to St. Andrews hall than we planned, we quickly jumped out and headed in to the show. I won’t lie; we missed the first two matches and walked in while the 3rd match was rocking the crowd. I have not been late to a Psychopathic show period until this one. We thought cool, at least were here let’s enjoy it and forget the rest. When they say security is tight there, it’s no joke. I had to take a wallet chain back to my ride only to have to go back again for a keychain that had a metal loop that I couldn’t fit my pinky through, but I wanted in so I didn’t waste time arguing about it. We got in and found a spot, by that time match three ended.

JCW Oddball Brawl.

I apologize to the wrestlers and fans as stated earlier I don’t have proper results for the first three matches, Sorry if it’s the bone. I heard different outcomes so it’s purely speculation as far as I’m concerned.

Match 1. N/A

Match 2. N/A

Match 3. N/A

The first thing we had seen after getting the cameras ready was Kongo Kong dragging Zach Gowen into the ring. I heard Gowen won the tables match earlier by moving off a table when Kongo went for a body splash off the top ropes and then missed. Kongo smacked Zach around for a minute and then crushed the one leg wonder through a table.

Match 4. Mad Man Pondo & Necro Butcher vs The Rude Boy & Evil Dead.

This was a match that had some really out there weapons, most notably a giant pizza cutter is all I can say it looks like. Evil Dead looked well, pretty dead throughout a good chunk of the match.  leaving Rudy to fend for himself for most of the match. This was a street fight with very little technical wrestling involved, yet highly entertaining. The high point of the match was Pondo smashing a cinder block into Rudy. In the end Rude Boy got the pin and after the 3 count Evil Dead went for a 2nd pin. I like seeing Jumpsteady,  I meant to say Evil Dead back in action again.

Match 5. Bill Martel vs The Honky Tonk Man.

It was a guitar match and the rules are simple, crack the other person in the nugget with the guitar. Martel stood outside the ring while HTM got lo’s and lettes to join in and sing his song with him. HTM was in better shape than when I had last seen him in JCW over ten years ago. This match reminded me of being a little kid watching WWF on Saturday mornings, back when it was the cheesier gimmicks the better.  Both HTM and Martel really made this match old-school with lots of headlocks and chin locks, I was waiting for some vintage 80’s hip tosses Violent J style, but didn’t see it happen. Martel broke out with a karate bandana and karate chopped HTM like he was a little ass tree getting cut for fire wood. In the end, Martel looked like he was going to win, but HTM dodged the guitar and finished Martel off.

Match 6. The Haterz vs The Ring Rydas.

This was my favorite match of the night, it was a rollercoaster. It was a ladder match that could still be won via pin. The belts were on the line and these teams left it all in the ring. There were ladders of all sizes and they used every one by the ring. This match was back and forth; both teams really impressed me as an up and coming wrestler and as a fan. They fought in the ring, outside by the barricades and even on the ring apron which ended up with Ryda Blue getting suplexed  off the ring and onto the ladder. The high point came when one of the Haterz powerbombed Ryda Red into a ladder set up on the turnbuckle, I really think he got a concussion off that move. The Rydas got the pin, but the action still wasn’t done. As the Rydas were about to go backstage, the Nigerian Nightmares ambushed them and dragged the Rydas back in the ring. The Rydas were worn out and the Nigerians pummeled them and set of them up for big man moonsaults, but the Haterz ran down to the ring just in time to save the Rydas from being pancakes. The Haterz beat down the Nigerians and it the end showed class with grabbing the belts and giving them to the Rydas with an added handshake.  The Haterz showed the fans that their not such bad guys, until they hit the Rydas with some cheap shots to add insult to injury and ran with the belts in hand.

Match 7. Richi Boy vs The Boogieman.

Wellington came to the ring looking pretty nervous and even with as talented as he is, he was going to fight a monster of a man. The Boogieman did his cool ass entrance, but looked bigger than ever and got a huge pop from the fam. Boogie hopped in the ring and as his back was turned Richi Boy saw his chance and hit the worm eater from behind, that would be about the only offense he would have in the match. Boogie made short work of Wellington from that point on and hit his finisher about 3 minutes into the match and pinned him. The winner received a bag of freshness, which ended up being money and Boogieman made it rain for the fans throwing out loot to all sides of the ring. Richi Boy then received a hearty helping of worm’s compliments of Boogie.

Match 8. Davari vs 2 Tuff Tony for the JCW title.

Just like Boogieman, Davari looked in better shape than when he was in WWE. Tony though, looked in the best condition I think I’ve ever seen him period. It started slow and Davari tried dipping out of the match, but the Commissioner, The Duke of the Wicked, Violent J had other plans. He pointed his axe at Davari and told him to get back in the ring and added lumberjacks to the mix. All of the wrestlers from before surrounded the two gladiators. This match was back and forth. Tony looked like he got the short end of this stick by getting jumped multiple times outside the ring. These two really put it out there for this match. In the end, the flaming sausage fingers connected squarely to the melon of Davari for the victory. All of the lumberjacks hopped in the ring and started going after the opposite side. Once Violent J showed up with his friend in hand, everyone quickly left the ring. The faces applauded Tony on his title defense and received props from them all. I seen Ring Girl Randy and let me tell you she has changed her looks for the better. I also seen a ninja in the ring that did a battle royal with me at the last Bloodymania, it was good seeing someone from that class is already in JCW and I hope they give more of us a chance too! Bobby Lashley gave Tony a big man handshake and so did The Weedman, one of my favorites in JCW. Tony and J made their way up the ramp and got more props from Dj Clay, Legs Diamo, oops Slick Rick Buggles, Kevin Gill and The Southwest Strangler himself Shaggy 2 Dope. JJ came out from the back and Tony gave him the belt and hoisted the little killer up on his shoulders and all was well in the JCW world. All in all, it was a fantastic finish to the night.

Insane Clown Posse in-store at Rock of ages.

Feb 17th, the weather was a ton better today, but we weren’t taking any chances and left extra early. We drove the half hour drive to Rock of ages and already seen the fam lined up by the door and around the corner facing the street and down another corner in the alley, it almost wrapped back around the building. It was a frigid 19 degrees and ninjas were throwing bodies together like a big orgy to stay warm. We got out of our ride and started off with a ton of pics of everyone that wanted in on the Faygoluvers flavor. I was really impressed. I went to a in-store around 95 in Flint, Michigan at Wyatt Earp. I would have thought I was right back in that era, just the crowd being way bigger now. There were all sorts of ninjas painted up and dressed up to support ICP and the Riddlebox show. I saw some pretty dope merch getting ready to get autographed. We rolled up to the front and seen a Psychopathic records employee telling the fam to keep the parking lot clear for the regular customers and to park across the street, it ended up being Jason, a real cool guy that helped get me set up with passes for the show. We asked him if we could grab a few pics of ICP signing stuff for the fans and he said it was fine, just don’t try to get a interview, we weren’t planning on asking them for one anyway.

Once we went inside we had to talk to the owner of the store Bob and make sure it was ok to shoot some pics and he said go ahead, no problem. Rock of ages is a really down with the clown store and if you have never been there check it out, it’s well worth the trip. We saw the line inside, they let the fam in I think six at a time. It was a straight shot to 2 Tuff Tony guarding the signing tent. We hung out with him for a minute and told him what we were up to and he seemed cool with us snapping some pics. We waited a few minutes and they let ICP know what we were doing and got the go ahead to do our thing. The tent had a back in the day vibe blacked out with a bunch of Juggalo day flyers hung up and a stack ready to get signed up for the ninjas that didn’t have anything to get signed.

I thought I was just going to grab a few pics with them interacting with the fans, but I was dead wrong. Violent J turned it into a mini photo session while 2 Dope finished signing and talking with some juggalos. The next thing I know they stop the signing and started making conversation and asked if I wanted anything signed. I said no, I got some from back in the day from them, even though I don’t have them anymore because my original Psychopathic records stash was stolen about ten years ago. It’s a rule of mine to only get one autograph per artist no matter what and I would have felt like a jerk getting stuff signed while all the rest of the fam had to wait in line for that. I have only met Shaggy about half as much as J over the years of being down with the clown. J was stoked as usual to talk to some fam and didn’t let me down again, but Shaggy really took it over the top and called me over to talk for a bit and give some dap and thanked me for showing up. It reminded me why I have considered them my favorite group for all these years. Chop asked me if I wanted to be in a pic with them, I said no, but they said to bad I was doing it. I asked if my girls could be in it then, they didn’t know that’s who Tony was talking to while I was snapping shots, they said sure and got to talking with my lettes for awhile and pretty much forgot to do a group pic. Chop snapped a pic with me and the clowns, it looked like I was yawning so nobody will see that one. We wanted a pic with J and Shaggs poster style and as soon as I went to take it the battery died, I will admit it, I didn’t want to tell them it died, but I think they knew by my expression. I should have known better, I took over 300 pics on one set of batteries. They said it can’t end like that and told me to grab some new batteries and to get my ass back here. New batteries and in we went through the line and entered the tent again to get the shots and said thanks, they thanked us again for showing up and covering it. We had Chop take a quick pic and that was it.

We went back outside and seen even more ninjas in line. We got a few more photos of the fam in action. After a cold ass day, but the best in-store I’ve seen, it all came to a close.  As a whole everything was about as awesome as it could have been, minus the snow storm. I do have to add that everyone got along at both stops with no fighting or mean mugging, its good seeing ninjas there to just enjoy the atmosphere. There was a ninja that dropped a jersey at the JCW show and realized it was gone and thought someone tried jacking it, he turned around acting like he wanted to go fisticuffs style until he noticed I was trying to help him out and give it to him all along. He apologized and I hope he knows real fam has your back.

I have to give a huge amount of props to all the people who made it happen so quickly. ScottieD, my Faygoluvers homie. My two lettes, Lil Psycho and Princess. Bob at Rock of ages. The Psychopathic crew, Jason, Chop, The Rude Boy, 2 Tuff Tony, Billy Bill and the Insane Clown Posse for letting me do this.

Hit me up on Twitter @BobboTokes,  MCL.


  • Saint Andrew's Hall
  • Michigan
  • United States


  • The JCW roster

Record Label:

  • Psychopathic Records



Review Date:

  • 02/16/2013


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