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Mack Attack

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In the world of professional wrestling, I myself have been working five years in the Texas independent scene since 2007. All around the world pro wrestling has their own wrestlers, each with their own indivdual stories.

One of these stories comes from Alliance Championship Wrestling’s own, Monster Mack from the state of Massachussets.

Monster Mack’s story begins in a boxing ring and eventually would go into a real pro wrestling ring, along with guys Trainee #1 and Peter Crave. Many green guys in the northeast would go onto face off against many of Alliance Championship Wrestling’s born-bred wrestlers……including Monster Mack’s own training school’s trainees, teaching them to be, “Smart, sexy and collect their big paydays after paying their $10,000 up front”.

The many trainees of Alliance Championship Wrestling would venture into video ventures, some retaining to their own gimmicks and commentate “crappy matches”, or the “Shooting Gallery” for mainstream shows like Monday Night RAW. Much like the Youtube Botchamania sensation, you’d see alot of what botches would happen in WWE, TNA and all of pro wrestling in general. This would eventually lead to the “Monster Mack Show”, much like The Tonight Show with Jay Leno with wrestling characters.

The Mack Attack DVD has some of the most creative bits and segments I’ve seen…..sadly however, this is away from the pro wrestling portion of the business. While these kids have some very creative ideas for shows and segments, they’re far from quality pro wrestlers in this industry.

Not to say that’s anything bad from their positives, but many fans out there in can recognize alot of talent in this business and people who just don’t belong in the squared circle and these “workers” don’t belong…..

Many of the following stick out:

  • Many of these matches lack psychology.
  •  These wrestlers still work like they’re still green in their first two years.
  •  99% of everyone in this DVD are not wearing real wrestling gear, for the first half of this DVD.
  • They have good low budget production value, however it merely topples their lack of pro wrestling ability.
  • Who really trained these kids?
  •  Monster Mack doesn’t really stick out with the idea of a high quality trainer, let alone worker here in this business.
  •  They’re a danger to themselves and to others in the ring.

For many out there looking for something like Ring of Honor, CHIKARA Pro Wrestling, or anything of what the best of the northeast indy circuit has to offer, this one is one you will want to pass up. There’s nothing wrong with the creativity that these kids have put out, but keep it out of the wrestling ring because alot of work these kids have put on isn’t worth the buck.

I would like to extend my credit to the editing and especially McNastee’s great narration to this DVD. While not the best indy pro wrestling DVD, I believe the these kids could have a good future in entertainment.

Release Date:

  • 03/27/2012


  • The Monster Mack Show


  • Monster Mack, Trainee,


  • 62 Minutes 41 Seconds





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