January 24, 2022
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Blood: The Last Vampire

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First off incase theres those who don’t know what the hell I am talking about. heres a breif description: In post World War II Japan, a top secert government agency sends the teenage katana-wielding half-vampire Saya (Gianna Jun. Koren Actress and Model) to an american military base with the assignment of routing out a demon who’s masquerading as a student. now that I gave a description..here’s my review.Now for those that know about movies that are based on Comic Books..some end good (like Watchmen and X-Men) where some just fall short of their expectations (The Hulk and my last review: Dragonball Evolution) This movie…was not raped by Hollywood. THANK GOD! and you know you’re off to a good start when no less than 90 seconds into the film somebody get’s sliced in half. Unlike most flicks this is going word for word for word with the Orig manga of Blood the last vampire. a story that turns to a anime movie which later spawns a manga/anime called Blood Plus. You’re fighting demons in millitary bases, army high school gyms, military airstrips, in the middle of fucking downtown, even on a falling truck man. all thru it Saya forms a friendship with a young girl named Alice (Allison Miller who you might remember from the short lived NBC show Kings) after Saya takes out a few demons who were posing as classmates (one of em being Masiela Lusha AKA Carmen Lopez from the George Lopez Sitcom..blonde does not suit her well..only fuck up I can name). After all that stuff you get the backstory which was left out of the Anime film from 2000 but was very very noted in the graphic novel. How her mother was really a demon and that her mother killed her father and was left to be raised by her fathers closest friend who is later killed by a demon. Alice joins Saya in the fight for a bit and than we see the final battle between Saya and her mother..the Demon she’s been wanting to defeat for so long…Onigen (Koyuki Kato..i don’t know much about her except for she’s also a model as well as an actress..but she’s from Japan..don’t matter. she’s hot lol..anyways) and one of the best chick fights I’ve seen since Kill Bill Volume one starts up and ends with Onigen showing us one of the most powerful and strongest death scenes in the history of film..And I was at the edge of my seat cuz that was as good of a scene as I’ve seen in forever yo. I mean I got hooked right away. The effects and stunts are very compareable to Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon (same dude who produced that flick did this one..just a tidbit for ya tit). The blood splatter is awesome which is something you don’t see in movies anymore so that’s a total plus all together. Hot chicks, Brutal Demons, Extreme Violence, Great storyline, and for the first time in alongtime..a comic book adaptation that was word for fucking word with the manga.. NUFF FUCKING SAID THERE!

Beyond any stars..I highly suggest this to anyone who likes good movies, anyone who likes vampire movies, and those who really hate Twilight should watch this as well man. For real.

Don’t rent this…buy the motherfucker! It’s well well well well well well well worth it!



Release Date:

  • 05/29/2009


  • Sony Pictures


  • Chris Nahon


  • Asmik Ace Entertainment / Pathe


  • Gianna Jun, Allison Miller, Masiela Lusha, JJ Feild, Koyuki & Liam Cunningham


  • -KM-


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