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Combat Zone Wrestling: Ultraviolent Cage Fighting

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Combat Zone Wrestling (as seen on G4TV’s G4Underground and Discovery Channel’s Timewarp programs)..One of the top 3 popular major Independent Wrestling Companies in the United States has finnlay brought you a video for those who want more blood. Ultraviolent Cage Fighting..the 2nd International Release from CZW Wrestling brings you 6 violently hardcore matches (with 3 in their entireity) hosted by Hardcore Legends Lobo and CZW Owner John Zandig. Ultraviolent Cage Fighting brings you some of the most insane and legendary matchups that have helped put CZW on the map! Wittness legendary moments from: Nick Gage Electricuting Justice Pain, Justice Pain Painthrilling The Wifebeater from atop the cage retiring the monster and winning the world title, Zandig Mother F’N Bombing Lobo from atop thru a Pymirmid of Hell to win back ownership of CZW, ECW Original New Jack Diving atop the Cage kiling everybody in sight, Lobo giving a Death Valley Driver from atop the cage thru a table on the floor to 3 FUCKING PEOPLE AT THE SAME TIME!, and Jack Evan’s falling from atop the cage missing the tables and landing on the back of his neck.

This DVD is filled with legendary Moments from the first 6 years of CZW and theres going to be alot more to come. This DVD is for anybody who is a true fan of classic hardcore wrestling.


LOBO V.S Justice Pain for the CZW World Title (Cage Of Death 1)
LOBO V.S Zandig V.S Justive Pain For the CZW World Title (Cage Of Death 2: Afterdark)
Justice Pain V.S The Wifebeater For the CZW World Title (Cage Of Death 3)
LOBO V.S Zandig For the ownership of CZW (Cage Of Death 4)
Team Ultraviolent V.S Team HI-V (Cage Of Death 5: Suspended)
Team BLKOUT V.S Team Ca$h For the CZW World Tag Team Title (Cage Of Death 6: Duel Deminsion)

Release Date:

  • 10/28/2008


  • CZW: Combat Zone Wrestling


  • Ryko Distribution


  • New Jack, One Man Army, Lobo, Zandig, Team Zandig


  • Joseph Green


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