January 24, 2022
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Kingspade: Throw Your Spades Up! Live At The Key Club

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Looking for a little something for the underground music lover in your life who seems to have a piece of everything? Well look no further than right here, Kingspade: Live at the Key Club. It’s a live-action DVD from one of the dankest, drunkest duo’s in the bizz, Kingspade.What’s awesome about this is that if you have not had the chances in the past to see Kingspade live yourself you can do it right now, right here with this DVD. It’s a little under an hour long which is about the normal running time for one of their sets. They do awesome ass, wig splitting, and booty shaking bangers from both “Kingspade and PTB”.

If I’m not mistaken it was filmed on the Heavy Hitters tour. Also if you know your history and know what certain people to look for in the background when they cut to the side shots of the show you can see various Subnoize Misfits that we all know and love; Sen Dog, The Taxman, and other road crew members to name some off.

This is a fresh DVD to add a visual to the bass-packed installments of Richter and Loc, but if you don’t feel the whole DVD thing then don’t get it. But all I can say is if you like Kingspade enough to buy their albums then go get this, especially if you have surround sound or whatever, THIS BITCH SLAMS!



Release Date:

  • 02/05/2008


  • Suburban Noize Records


  • D-Loc, Johnny Richter


  • Whipstick


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