September 28, 2023
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Hed PE & Mushroomhead

Peabody's Concert Club in Cleveland, Ohio

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Last night, Cinco De Mayo 2011, Peabody’s in Cleveland, Ohio was the place to be and if you missed it, you’re assed out. It was a smashing good time as the metal show engulfed the syndicated club and warped it into a distorted image of its former self. Now let me start off by saying this, I am not that big of a metal fan, however I have seen Hed PE and hometown favorite, Mushroom Head both live in some way or another and neither group disappoint.

The doors flung open, ripped off the hinges,at 6:30 P.M. precisely. Within the next fifteen to twenty minutes the first of five bands were set up and ready to rock the stage. First up was Youngstown Ohio’s very own Dead II Me (Dead 2 Me), spelled with two i’s for the two. The quintet comprised of lead singer Kal el, bass player Keith Courage, drummer Beau Connerson, and guitarists Phoenix and Hollywood each took to the performance platform. Each member was armed with their instrument of destruction as if it were a trusted weapon of a trained warrior. They played a slew of tracks from the self titled, debut album, one which really stood out was Aristotles, and the track was heavy hitting and came harder than a pornstar who had been getting fluffed in between money shot scenes. The lineup is a pretty solid group to check out if you haven’t heard of them yet.

The next two performances were by bands, Battlestar and Better Left Unsaid, but like I said I am not that big of a metal fan and didn’t like much of what I had heard. So with it also being Cinco De Mayo I headed to the bar and ordered myself up a couple of drinks and headed outside to hang out with some familiar faces in a familiar place that I had not been to in over a year.

Once the openers were all done it was finally time for the real reasons why everyone was there, Hed Pe and Mushroom Head. Up first of the two was Suburban Noize Record’s Hed PE. The group stormed the stage and took out the crowd like the sniper who took out Bin Laden. They came out thrashing hard like a spoiled kid who didn’t get the toy they wanted for their birthday. They did three joints off their latest album, which I cannot recall the names of, which then lead into many classics and favorites of their fans alike; Sophia being my favorite of them all. The group always puts on a good show, but with a front man like Jahred the crowd is always at his mercy as he commands them much like a general commanding his troops over the battlefield.

After the whirlwind of madness exited stage right the hometown heroes of the metal scene, Mushroom Head came out and whiplashed all in attendance with their riffs and hard driving bass lines and the sound we have all come to know and love them by. They took the time to play tracks laced with the awesomeness like Bwomp. Then later in the set they took out the time and invited their original front man, Jman, came out and performed a fan favorite from back in the day, The Sun Doesn’t Rise, and straight held the set down like a rape victim. Then the group did one of my favorite songs, Kill Tomorrow, making my night complete an concluding a good Cinco De Mayo. The tour is a good tour to check out and you will not be disappointed its heavy hitting and hard driving; YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!


  • Peabody's Concert Club
  • Ohio
  • United States


  • Testing


  • The Hed2Head Tour 2.0

Record Label:

  • Suburban Noize Records/Filthy Hands/Megaforce



  • Whipstick

Review Date:

  • 05/05/2011


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