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Dead Shit Part 1: The Talisman of Tikinaya

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Many a horror movie fan has searched through the thousands of titles floating around over the years trying to find something worth watching. Occasionally they’ll see something that catches their eye, only to find themselves watching a movie that looks like it was filmed by a bunch of drunken college kids armed with a video camera and bad dialogue. The acting is horrid, the blood looks like Kool-Aid, and you really feel like smashing yourself in the head with a hammer for letting it continue to play for long as you did.While some would have the immediate reaction of, “What in the blue hell is this shit?” Others, like myself, seek out more like it. The lower the budget, the better. All because it boils down to the roots of horror. And movie-making in general.

I can still remember sitting at a friends house watching movies on an 8mm projector. They were violent as hell and very atmospheric, which is why I wanted to watch them. Nowadays everybody worries about if their flick is 5.1 surround compatible when back in the day you just had to imagine what sounds were going on because there was no sound. Not to mention they were all black and white.

I’m not going to lie. Some of these movies completely sucked and were total garbage. I’ve sat through movies that some people would consider to be inhumane torture, that will give you a headache trying to figure out. They had massive plot holes (if there even was a plot), twists that make no sense, and some of the worst acting imaginable. I’m talking about actors who just stare at the camera for 20 seconds before saying their line. And the director always tries to make his creation sound like something that should be shown in movie theatres and win awards because of the art direction or cinematic scope of his vision or some shit like that. That’s why I’m so damn glad I found the underground horror scene.

I used to call any underground movie I saw “Backyard horror” because most of the time the entire movie was shot in somebody’s backyard, in a house, or somewhere inside their neighborhood. That’s what I’ve always liked about it: they use what they’ve got and make the best of it.

When I stumbled upon a flick called “Dream Reaper” from HackMovies.com, I didn’t know what to expect. When I say I laughed my ass off while watching it, I’m not jerking you around. What caught me more than anything was the fact that they never took anything seriously. They didn’t hide the fact that they had no budget to shoot with, no acting skills to speak of, and not all that much experience. They were just doing what they loved to do. I said that in my review of DR and will say it here too. From that point on, I was a fan and couldn’t wait to see what they came up with next.

This is where Dead Shit: The Talisman of Tikinaya jumps in.

Taken directly from the site, this is what you can expect from their latest release, simply because I couldn’t describe it any better.

Dead Shit follows the exploits of Nixon and Hogan. Two unemployed, happless stoners who somehow keep finding themselves on the recieving end of a serious supernatural fuckstorm!

In The Talisman of Tikinaya our two lovable thugs somehow find themselves in the middle of some kind of zombie apocalypse, but all is not as it seems. There’s some heinous magic afoot, and before long, Nixon and Hogan are asshole deep in a plot so thick with twist and turns, your eyeballs will turn backwards and fall the fuck right out of your bitch-face!

Just like the above description tells you, this is a flat-out horror comedy that pulls no punches and is meant to make you vomit from laughing so much.

Written, directed, and starring the undeniably twisted Kevin Strange (that’s a good thing, by the way), Dead Shit features many horror movie must-haves: Gallons of blood, gore, violence, drug use, zombies, gratuitous use of a zombie as a fuck doll, etc. Just like with Dream Reaper, I was laughing my ass off through the whole movie. You’ve got Nixon (Joshitsuo Montoya) and Hogan (Kevin Strange) smoking mad weed and throwing around more slang than most suburban mall thugs while fighting off the undead, among other evils, zombies that trip over tree branches and work at Steak ‘N’ Shake that like to chew on hoodies, a neighbor that apparently really loves his cat, a rake used as a deadly weapon, and a blowjob involving the word “rhubarb.” You’ll just have to see it to figure that one out.

Everything you saw in Dream Reaper has been upgraded, from the effects to the acting. When you’re working with little to no money, it’s good to see that you can still make improvements in almost every area. You now have realistic blood, body parts being torn off, a decaptitation, and even a little eyeball assault involving thumbs.

The acting seems more natural now too. While some are in their first movie and are naturally a little stiff (but not bad by any means), others have no trouble speaking their dialogue like it wasn’t written.

The only real complaint I have is it’s occasionally hard to hear some of the actors dialogue. This isn’t exactly unusual or anything but, just something I thought I’d point out for anybody reading this. You CAN hear what they’re saying, it’s just a little low on the volume here and there. Beyond that, this was a major step forward for the Hack crew in the skills department and you can easily tell they’re only getting better with each release.

If you want a movie you can sit around with your friends and get a laugh from, here you go. While not for everybody, the ones who give it a chance will definitely be pleased. If not, go back to watching Disney movies and sniffing your sisters thong, you crotch goblin.

Release Date:

  • 03/13/2007


  • Hack Movies


  • Kevin Strange


  • Hack Movies


  • Kevin Strange, Joshitsuo Montoya, Jim O'Saben, Ken Brown & Eric Williams


  • AxSylum


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