July 13, 2024
11 Guests and Online

Tech N9ne

Ridglea Theater in Fort Worth, Texas

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Underground music fans, the tour of the year just may have passed through the historic Ridglea Theater in Fort Worth, TX.

This is what you get when you mix up the midwest’s best emcees along with the west coasts best emcees colliding together on stages city to city. Tech N9ne, Krizz Kaliko, Kutt Calhoun, the legendary E-40, Glasses Malone and Strange Music’s newest family member Jay Rock. Let’s take a look into what Fort Worth, TX peeped as well as the remaining tour dates will get to see!

Fat Kidz Inc.

First up was Fat Kidz Inc. We were still outside but didn’t get to see them perform but I will say that after opening up for Twiztid in Dallas at the Slaughterhouse Tour, peep their music! Don’t sleep on these fat boys, if they like you…you’ll literally get a cheeseburger!


Next up was DFW’s own Hatchet House Tunnel Runner featurette known as ClaAs with DJ Ronnie Blaze. ClaAs’s energy never ceases to amazing me, whether it’s in Texas, at the gathering or anywhere else. Hype is one word to describe seeing the mainstream assassin doing his thing on the mic! If you haven’t peeped him, check out ClaAs at his myspace or google him!

NOTE OF FRESHNESS: In between sets, the DJ’s spun alot of west coast hits (even mainstream hits) and some “dirty south” flavor to keep the party goin’!

Glasses Malone

Up next was none other than Glasses Malone. This fresh local cat from LA has a pretty fresh west coast hip hop sound very reminiscent of a Dr. Dre inspired work ethic. Malone definitely has the party vibe to go along with this tour and surely you’ll enjoy what he brings to the table. Even with a few short covers of some west coast classics! Definitely check out the fresh new talent of Glasses Malone for all you west coast hip hop enthusiasts.

Jay Rock

Coming out the gates next was none other than the infamous Jay Rock straight out the same hood in LA, where Glasses Malone grew up. Jay Rock I gotta say has some hype to his music and definitely stands out as a (pardon the corny line coming up) lean, mean, emcee with a mic and lyrical machine. His performance was good but during his set he was a little off (possibly high) on his lyrics. None the less, Jay Rock is definitely something worth when he debuts on Strange Music. If you don’t, then peep his mixtapes for the next best freshness to tie you down for a while.


Following Jay Rock was none other than hip hop’s living legend and mainstream rap sensation E-40! Man this was truly a set to watch. I don’t know how many of you follow Big E 40 but damn, even this man can start a pit and have you “shakin’ shakin'” while you’re trying to get your groove on. E-40 played pretty much all of his hits to now all the way back to even before you knew about getting school with his “Ghetto Report Card”. Solid performance and he was out like a superstar!

Tech N9ne

The main event hit the stage, none other than the Kansas City King, TECH N9NE!

Opening up with hits like “Riot Maker”, “Psycho Bitch”, “Sickology” and more I can’t seen to remember, Tech came out and blew the crowd like a tactical nuke in Modern Warfare 2. Next to him for the next 30-45 minutes was Cutt Kalhoun performing tracks from Raw and Un-Kutt like “Let’s Get Naked” and many more. About 45 minutes into it, the two left and the Krizz Kaliko spider hit the Ridglea Theater walls like the Bat Signal and along with a hype man (who’s name I didn’t catch) came out and gave us all the shock treatment we could handle! One note of freshness had to be when they performed “Welcome to the Midwest”. If any of y’all caught Kutt at the Strange Noize Tour earlier this year, you saw him perform his own lyrics on this track…..well put the three together and you have mid west devastation! Even Big Scoob came out and gave us the salue! The night ended with Tech’s “Imma Playa” and the entire tour roster (minus E-40, didn’t see him on stage) came out and bowed us out like only they know how to do it!

The Bottom Line: DO NOT….I repeat….DO NOT PASS THIS UP! This is history with the perfect blend of what we love about the independent scene and a mainstream flavor that truly respect the underground. Juggalos, Subnoize Rats, Technicians…shit EVERYONE will have a good time with good tunes, ass, titties, alcohol and moshin’! You’ll truly see something spectacular at this show, that is the Independent Grind Tour!




  • Ridglea Theater
  • Texas
  • United States


  • E-40, Kutt Calhoun, Krizz Kaliko, Glasses Malone, Jay Rock, Fat Kidz Inc & ClaAs


  • Tech N9ne's Independent Grind Tour

Record Label:

  • Strange Music Inc.


  • Carlos "Dallas" Esquivel

Review Date:

  • 10/14/2010


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