September 22, 2023
14 Guests and Online

Tech N9ne

Peabody's Concert Club in Cleveland, Ohio

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I would like to start off this review by extending a tremendous thank you to CrossEyed Joe and all the people at Strange Music for making this one of the most incredible experiences of my life. The people at Strange are some of the nicest people I have ever met in my life. Thanks for keeping it real and letting me invade your world for a day.

My day started when I got there at 2:20pm, the meet and greet began at 3pm and by the time 3pm came along there was around 40 ninjas in line, which was awesome. I met up with Joe and ran him around town a bit to get everyone food, which was mad cool. Then I was able to meet and greet myself. Now keep in mind this is my first time ever meeting anyone from Strange, and boy were they Fresh as hell to meet. Krizz, Kutt, and Tech were mad chill with everyone, and it was beyond a pleasure to meet them.

Then it was time to meet E-40. Now I can’t say that I’m a huge fan, but I do know of E-40 and there are quite a few of his songs that I like. I was expecting to meet a superstar but he was so down to earth. Really enjoyed meeting with him.

After the meet and greet we had some more errands to run, and more food to get and this time Krizz Kaliko tagged along for the ride. I love Kali he was such a cool dude and excellent co-pilot. I must say that I was impressed that no one complained about my driving which rocks.

Once we got back from all that running around I got to meet Glasses Malone. If you don’t know about him, he is actually signed to Cash Money Records but this dude loves Juggalos, which you will see first hand when the interview we did drops. I’ve got mad respect for this dude, check him the fuck out already for real. The only ninja I didn’t run into was Jay Rock, he was there, our paths just never crossed. But no worries there buddy, next time I’ll be sure to hunt you down!

After spending time with the people of Strange, we parted ways for a bit. They had to get ready for the show, and I had to do some parking lot partying. The people of Louisville Represent! Man I have never seen such an awesome crowd. And the amount of People that got their Tech Cherry Popped last night was unreal! I am so happy that I could be there to witness all the first timers, and boy did they get hype!

Once I got into the Venue and bought myself a $7 Caribou Lou (outrageous) the party really got started! That place filled and filled. The promoters were worried at first that presales weren’t that high, but I had faith. And damn was I right that place was packed.

Glasses Malone came out first and ROCKED it. For so many people to not know who Glasses was, they sure as hell caught on real quick. Next up was Jay Rock and he killed it. Now I only got to see the first part of his set cause I had to make another couple of runs, but from what I seen shit was poppin. I seen a tad bit of E-40’s set as well, but it was AWESOME. I just have so much respect for any “mainstream” artist that can come in and give so much love.

I got back right before the big show! Tech came out and got that place jumpin. Between him, Krizz, Kutt, and Big Scoop their set lasted 2 hours!! It was hype every second, the crowd was extreme but not rowdy which is exactly what I like to see. I thought the place was having an earthquake during Riotmaker though, everyone just exploded for that song! Tech even announced last night that Next Year he’s going to be doing a tour with Snoop Dogg. That’s gonna be SICK!!!

I want to extend a Happy Birthday to Al, the sound dude, it took them long enough to understand what Scenario was saying but they finally got those Birthday wishes out. So much birthday love to him!

There aren’t many dates left on the tour, but by all means if you can make it out to any of the remaining shows then get out there. Especially if you have never seen Tech N9ne Live before. The guys at Strange NEVER disappoint at a show, they go hard for 2 solid hours with choreography and everything. You gotta atleast go and see them do their Michael Jackson dance.

Again I want to say thank you to the guys at Strange for letting me invade their awesome world. Shit was fun, can’t wait to see ya’ll the next time you roll through!



  • Peabody's Concert Club
  • Ohio
  • United States


  • E-40, Kutt Calhoun, Krizz Kaliko, Glasses Malone & Jay Rock


  • Tech N9ne's Independent Grind Tour

Record Label:

  • Strange Music Inc.


  • Ale

Review Date:

  • 10/20/2010


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