September 28, 2023
8 Guests and Online

Hed PE, Kutt Calhoun, Big B & Johnny Richter

Trees in Dallas, Texas

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Trees in Dallas was the sight of yet many things that the underground has brought to us…something strange and something with alot of noize! The underground was in full effect as juggalos, subnoize renegades and new world orphans gathered in unison to witness the third annual Strange Noize Tour.

hed (p.e.), Kutt Kalhoun, Big B and Johnny Richter of the Kottonmouth Kings brought the noize and left the entire DFW metroplex with deaf ears. But every one always hears again and the eyes never lie so let’s get to what we all want to know…

Johnny Richter

Without warning, the sounds of Richter voice got people’s attention and without a hinge “Let’s Go” was being spat on the mic as the Kottonmouth King laid it down for the underground with hype and positive energy. Johnny Richter’s set had KMK’s positive vibes all around and with amazing charismatic energy, Richter delivered something quite promising. Playing tracks from his solo album “Evolution”, “Remember That Summer, “At It Again” and even throwing a Kingspade track in, “Same Ol’ Bitches” and topped it off with “Celebration”, the last track off the album.

All I can say is this: Johnny Richter solo = lyrical and musical force in underground hip hop. It’s so different seeing him solo and after seeing it, it just brought positive vibes all around Trees in Dallas. The new album rocks, go cop it!

Big B

Without a hitch right as Richter left the stage, Big B hit it without a set change. Big B came in fast and came in hard with plenty of west coast style, white trash rapping that has made him a force in the underground. With tracks like “Outlaw”, “Hooligan” and “White Trash Renegade”, nothing has really changed much in his set. B always knows how to keep a crowd hype, relating to the alcoholics, weed smokers and drug addicts he calls family. Topping it off with “Mayday” from the Subnoize Souljaz album “Droppin’ Bombs”, Big B keeps it his way and his way only.

The same old Big B set you expect, not much has changed but his set has been tweaked up a bit. Minus The Dirtball, it’s nice to see Big B focus on his solo material. In fact, this is the main focus of what’s to come next.

Kutt Calhoun

After a 10 minute set change, the strange began to fill the air around Trees. Kutt came though the stage quite smooth and just fit the atmosphere like a perfectly custom made glove for the untouchable hands that gripped his mic. Kutt’s new record “Raw and Un-Kutt” right now is filled with instant classics that are heard in his set though this tour and dammit I have to say it but, Kutt Calhoun STOLE the show! He has a little something for the drinkers, the ladies, the people who love sex, the haters and even his spin on “Welcome To The Midwest”, from Tech N9ne’s Everready The Religion.

Hands down and to quote my home Zero for saying this, it’s about time that they’re pushing his solo material. He’s been underrated for too long and now on this tour, Kutt Calhoun has stepped out of the shadows and has shined like never before. Hands down the show stealer of the tour!

Hed PE

And finally we come to our main event. Hed p.e. has never ceased to disappoint the family and referring to us as the new world orphans, he’s adopted us into the frenzy of the truth movement. The anthems of “Madhouse”, “Sophia”, “Raise Hell”, “CBC”, “Renegade” and many more classics from their 15 year career filled Trees with chaotic yet, family love. Jahred doesn’t preach to the crowd, only telling the truth and that’s why Hed p.e. has been so successful with live crowds. Even having Kutt Kalhoun, Big B, Johnny Richter and Kutt’s son, Malik, joining on stage for a little freestyle in between sets was pretty fresh too. Other songs were collaborated during this set. “RTO” featuring Big B and a one with Johnny Richter performing (I believe) “Higher Ground”, off the NWO album.

Regardless of where they are and who they’re with, Hed p.e. never disappoints and puts on a set unlike no other each and every time.

The Bottom Line: Strange Noize 2010 may look like something that you may see elsewhere but, it’s NOTHING what you’ll think you’ll see. Go and see this tour live! There’s still many tour dates left and this will not disappoint! If Johnny Richter’s solo album sounds this good live, I can’t wait to see if D-Loc is gonna pull off a solo set too! Kutt Kalhoun has a very bright solo career ahead of him and Hed p.e. is just mere moments in time from releasing their 8th record. It’s a great time to be an underground music fan!



  • Trees
  • Texas
  • United States


  • Strange Noize Tour 2010

Record Label:

  • Strange Music Inc. / Suburban Noize Records


  • Carlos "Dallas" Esquivel

Review Date:

  • 07/13/2010


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