July 18, 2024
8 Guests and Online

Insane Clown Posse

Portland Expo Center in Portland, Oregon

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I had to roll all the way to PDX to catch this show, and it was worth every fucking mile. I saw Shaggy & DJ Clay at the mall the day of the show, which tripped me out because I never expected to see familiar faces in an unexpected place. I had not seen ICP perform live, outside a gathering, since Hatchet Rising WAY the fuck back in 2001 in Cleveland Ohio. That was so long ago, I remember seeing Anybody Killa at that show and not knowing who he was. Anyway, The night kicks off like this: Websites and newspapers say event starts at 6pm, so I showd up at around 530, waited in line, got in around 605, and JCW was already gone. Gone! I had seen the ring, heard the noises coming from the room that sounded like people getting their ass beat in said ring, but i walked in at 605 to see Necro already on stage and the ring completely gone. Now, when these guys say “ninja” they mean that shit, because I have no idea how they would float JCW under the radar like that. Clueless as to what happened, I just watched Necro & Mr. Hyde with their bullshit 15 minute set. Necro was significantly larger and had a much deeper voice than last time I saw him, and it wasn’t his fault ICP only gave him the opportunity to play 3 or 4 tracks, but I say it was nothing special. It is my opinion that Necro had the absolute best set at the 2007 Gathering, but in 2010 his set wasn’t special at all. He just sounded out of breath all the time, but it doesn’t stop me from enjoying his music.

Moving on, the tour’s last minute addition was Blaze, also with a mad short ass set, but it was exactly what you would expect from Blaze in 15 minutes. Nothing new, he just played a few of his more popular cuts, plugged Gang Rags, and was out. If you asked me to tell you what I like about seeing Blaze live, I would have no idea what to tell you, but he came out with no hype man, played classic familiar cuts, and his stage presence was damn good.

This is where the real fun started. Let me explain that this Expo Center was big as fuck, built to hold 9,000 people according to their website. There were two semis parked in the room forming a big V with bleachers on either side of the V and in the center, the sound booth was in front of the middle bleachers. MEC walked up in goggles and a lab coat and started using Ableton or some Ableton like program, doing a live murder mix for about 10 minutes between sets from here on out. It was so fucking killer! Best part of the night, hands down. He was using this controller, doing everything live. It was so fucking crazy to see somebody spin juggalo shit as if it were drum and bass or something, but it fuckin worked. His stage presence was the absolute shit, as everybody had to turn their back to the stage and the crowd now faced the opposite way.

Kittie came out, did their thing, and I think juggalos dug it. My opinion is irrelevant since I don’t much care for that sort of music, and I couldn’t tell what that chick was saying, but I’ll say this: I’d hit that. Hahaha, anywho, They were the first to have a set longer than 15 minutes, and they got on stage before 7 (so early!) and MEC made everybody turn around again for more of that ill shit I had just mentioned.

Coolio. Fuck. I found out about ICP in 97/98 and thought I was an old school juggalo. But I had heard og Coolio in like the third grade. Must have been 94/95. Coolio, among Cypress Hill & Busta Rhymes, are the first three hip hop performers I had ever heard of in my life. I saw him at last years gathering, but I didn’t really remember anything from his set (its the gathering, go figure) but this time around he had plenty of time, he did well. He looked cracked out as fuck, but his age didn’t show. He still had tons of energy throughout his set, to the point where he was harassing his nephew as a part of some choreography. He had his nephew, whose name I forgot, and his son AI, wearing a hatchetman jersey, with him for his set. Coolio was a funny ass dude, a pretty interesting rapper, and soon to be revealed, a juggalo. Or should I say jugalo… I never noticed him having a tattoo, ever. He explained to us that he was a juggalo between songs, and showed that he has a giant ass hatchetman on his upper left arm with the words Jugalo Cool under it. He said he was changing his name to this, and he hoped to work with psychopathic repeatedly over the next few years. The big thing about this was that juggalo was misspelled in his tat. I didn’t notice the day of the show, but you can read about that and see the photo online, its funny as fuck. But he played 1-2-3-4 & Gangsta’s Paradise, the only two songs I knew of as well as some new Coolio shit with his nephew and son on them. Coolio, you are cool as fuck.

Next up, the Kings. I was a bit skeptical of how this shit would go down considering they have drastically changed their roster before this tour. I have seen them many a time, but never without Pakelika & Lou-Dog, plus Dirtball is now an official Kottonmouth King. DJ Bobby B, Daddy X, Dirtball, D-Loc, & Richter took the stage and thats when the real fun started. It was like 8 something pm, around the time when I would be leaving my house for any other show, and we’re almost done now. But regardless of the roster switch up, KMK still brings it HARD. Their set was possibly BETTER than last time I saw them. It sucks that Lou Dog was not there, Pakelika wasn’t missed much cause well, he never did anything anyway, but anybody that actually reads my reviews knows that I am on Dirtball’s dick. I’m not afraid to admit it either. Dirtball is one of the most slept on rappers out there, and now that he is with the Kings, he has a much bigger audience and people are paying attention. KMK did a bunch of classics, pretty much the set you would expect them to have on this tour, but Dirtball had verses all over old shit too. They must have played for 45-60 minutes, maybe a few longer, but this was a real ass performance. These dudes were all over the place running and rapping and I wasn’t sure how any of them were breathing. The energy levels in this huge ass football stadium lookin ass room was off the chain. Juggalos came out of nowhere, since there was now twice the crowd as Coolio had only minutes before. Now, I didn’t cop the latest KMK album, but the new material they did has inspired me to go look for a job so I can start buying records and shit again. I really want to hear the Long Live the Kings album with DBall on that shit cause this set was pure fire the whole time.

MEC came back to do this shit called the Chop Chop Slide, which alot of people seemed to know alot about, but there I was lookin like the only person there who didn’t know what the fuck to do. I figured it out pretty soon, and man. I never dance or any shit like that, but it was fresh as fuck seeing so many people “dancing” or at least choreographing that shit they way they did. That was the freshest part of the entire night in my book, since ninjas were just actin a fool all over the place. Meanwhile, the set was changing for the Duke of the Wicked & the Southwest Strangla…

INSANE CLOWN POSSE. Dons of the underground. Masters of the wicked shit. Legs Diamond opened the set up dressd as a ringmaster and introduced them individually, and a shitload of clowns came out with faygo, stocking the stage up as part of the show. They left the stage, and ANOTHER big ass crew of different clowns came out, then J & Shaggs came out to start the show. The whole crowd erupted, and I couldn’t even hear the music. My ears were ringing, shit was retarded, in a good way though. ICP went through the first song without cracking a single Faygo, then the madness began. Faygo everywhere, on ever surface of every part of that building, no matter how far away it seemed. I even saw a root beer puddle in the smoking area from ninjas wringing their shit out and grabbing a smoke. ICP played for at least an hour and a half, and the show was still over by 1115. What an early show. So everybody knows about the giant ICP lights they have at their shows the last 3 years, right? well now they have 2 hatchetman lights, the same style & size on either side of the ICP lights. The set looked so fly; it was a carnival game show circusy set with over a dozen clowns running around spraying Faygo, with no let up inthe soda-barrage. ICP played old shit, new shit, classics, shit you would have never expected them to play at a live show, Faygo breaks, fuck. J said “This song is one of the reasons we are the most hated band in the world” as Miracles began playing. This was towards the end of their set, and one by one, everybody who had taken the stage that night came out to spray Faygo on everybody. It was fucked up how much Faygo flew my way. It was ridiculous to think they bring THAT MUCH soda on the road wth them todo that every single night. was this show everything I thought it would be? for sure. I wish it had gone on later and they had longer sets, but this tour was the shit. One of the best I have seen in ages. If you missed it, sucks to be you! Hopefully I’ll find out why ICP was banned from Seattle so that maybe I can get a laugh out of it in hopes it will justify me having to travel to Oregon to see them, but until next time ( DGAF 6/22/10) this is Buckeye, the Master of Freshness, and I’m out.




  • Portland Expo Center
  • Oregon
  • United States


  • Insane Clown Posse, Blaze, Kottonmouth Kings, Kittie, Coolio, Necro, JCW & Mike E. Clark


  • Happy Daze Tour

Record Label:

  • Psychopathic Records


  • Buckeye Fresh

Review Date:

  • 06/04/2010


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