December 3, 2023
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Insane Clown Posse

Hallowickid 2009

The Fillmore Detroit in Detroit, Michigan

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Once again it’s that time of the year when the leaves are engulfed with a stream of oranges, reds, yellows, and other colors reminding you of the autumn season. The scorching heat from the summers past and having finally gotten all the sweat stains out of your favorite jersey at GOTJ have died down and the a midsummer’s breeze sweeps the nation. The howl is carried through the wind and an overall feeling of directional pull overcomes the Juggalo Nation and almost like magnetized metal, we’re pulled to Motor City, the Horrorcore Mecca; Detroit, Michigan.

Their long celebrated event, more built up and led to then the Gathering of the Juggalos, Hallowicked is an event concocted by the tyrannical team called ICP, Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope, in my opinion seemed to have done something on this night that seems hard for even them to do. In my honest opinion, for this event being called HALLOWICKED, they dropped the ball. It’s not that the show they put on was less than up to par, but it was just the simple fact that they were on the ‘Bang Pow Boom Tour’ and basically kept it the playlist to that set. They threw one maybe two Halloween songs recorded in the past, but that’s about as deep as it got.

Accompanied by The Dayton Family and Hed (PE) the Wicked Clowns of the underground game have recently dropped their long awaited ‘revival of the dark carnival’ and have since hit the road bringing destruction and chaos to every Faygo laced stage across the country. As it was Halloween night in none other than Detroit in the heart of the Murder Glove everyone, fans and musicians alike, had painted their faces and were in fact GOING CRAAZY!

First taking a crack at the hometown crowd was Flint’s very own Dayton Family. I have never personally gotten that much into their music other than what they have had as a featured spot as a guest appearance on someone else’s CD. I couldn’t tell you exactly what they played, but I can tell you this they kept that cluster of Juggalos scrambling around and rambling the lyrics right along to the beat of the song. It was funny, I heard through the crowd from a couple haters: “I’ve lost respect for that group, they really painted their face?!” I can totally agree with and see what they meant, because they normally would not have painted up, but seeing as we were in Detroit on Halloween night attending the Hallowicked event it would deem itself necessary/excusable.

Next up on the bill was California natives, Hed(PE). In an immense rage of trying to open the eyes to the fans in attendance to the Fillmor on how their government is fucking them over they hit the stage like Alabama man hits his wife; swift and hard with the back of his hand. They came out kicking tracks like pregnant women, spewing out after birth that is produced when a good studio session is had. They did a slew of tracks from their recent release “N.W.O” as well as their other recent Suburban Noize Releases “DIY Guy’s”, “Insomnia”, and “Back to Base X”. As fast as the crowd had been thrown into a chanting frenzy filled with ‘Woop Woop’s’, ‘Families’, and ‘Hed(PE)’s’, the group seemed to vanish behind the confines of their merch. Table slanging their product the rest of the night.

Finally up was the two that haven’t had much trouble getting a crowd from the dirty D to stand on their feet and chant those magical three: I-C-P! The Southwest Strangler and the Duke of the Wicked had graced the stage in their hometown for yet another time and left the crowd only wanting more. However like I said before there was an underlying feeling that because it was Hallowicked and there were little to no Hallowicked songs played it wasn’t quite the same night, but the same tour that people who had come in from various parts of the country had already seen. It was dope for the fact the stage was one of the most elabort they had; including their ring leader hosting the event, Legs Diamond, their posse of Faygo carrying clowns, and other characters that they had made infamously notorious from the rigorous years of constant touring under their belts.

The night was good, other than one or two minor things, yet it was what it was and it is what is. Hallowicked has come and past and if you missed it you are assed out, but think of it like this you’ll still get to see the same show if you still get the chance to catch BANG! POW! BOOM! In a concert hall near you!



  • The Fillmore Detroit
  • Michigan
  • United States


  • Hed PE, The Dayton Family & Motown Rage


  • Bang! Pow! Boom! Tour

Record Label:

  • Psychopathic Records


  • Whipstick

Review Date:

  • 10/31/2009


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