April 13, 2024
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D12 & Potluck

Peabody's Concert Club in Cleveland, Ohio

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Finally, last night after much anticipation and wait, the ‘Dazed and Dirty Tour’ featuring; Stranger Haze, Animal House, Potluck, and D12 made its way through breezy streets of Cleveland, Ohio. Odd enough, on top of it hitting Cleveland towards the end of the tour, the concert itself was held on a Wednesday night. Peabody’s in the middle of the week, before the performances from the tour kicked off, was a host to your average hip-hop night at your local area’s spot that puts on shows and also works as a bar. The doors opened at six-thirty and it seemed that between the three areas playing music throughout the venue there were 500+1 artists performing. Most of which were just local kids doing their thing in the Cleveland area, but once 9:00 P.M. EST hit the clocks in the building the ‘Dazed and Dirty Tour’ was set off like fireworks in July.

Opening up first off was the team consisting of beasts from the south-east, hailing all the way from Orlando, Florida, Stranger Haze. The duo consisting of 4saken and ChukRuk took the event and looked at it like this, as if it were a small bag of contraband and a nice swisher to put it all into, roll it up and keep it lit all night. There was only one minor problem; their computer (which was generating their set list) malfunctioned in some way or another. Luckily though the group was able to get at least half of their set out of the way to give the crowd a taste of what they bring to the game.

After a set change, that was longer then previously scheduled, an all too familiar beat came on over the PA system, calling everyone to the stage; a place where everybody knows your name. As the theme song to ‘Cheers’ rang out through the venue came a group that until last night I had never heard of before, Georgia’s own, Animal House. In true frat/party-boy fashion the two members of the group graced the stage while one of them held a beer bong while filling it, as the other took the titty-funnel and continued to take two beers straight as the set began. Adding to their flavor was the fact that they had a live DJ on the 1’s and 2’s mixing it up to the best of capabilities.

Finally, yes once again FINALLY, went the portion of the tour I had so patiently waited, Humboldt County’s finest, Potluck! These two, no matter how big the crowd five or 500, they still deliver the same show. Having seen them at Peabody’s time and time again the crowd has seemed to only grow with every show they book. Now with the crowd at a 300+ ticket sale for the night they are getting set up the way it seems they want. Like Animal House before them, Potluck had brought a live DJ wit them as well, DJ Wicked. He slaughtered the tables as though it was like butter getting cut by a hot knife, yet it was the needle scratching the record. Their set was timeless and classic doing songs like ‘Say what you Want’, ‘What We Are'(both ft. Tech N9ne) ‘Stoner Bitch’, ‘Hip-Hop’, ‘Just Like You’, among a few others, it seems the only song they didn’t do that they’ve done before was ‘Ain’t That Fine’. Yet in the midst of this chaos unfolding they stopped the music and did something completely new and unheard, ‘Vaporized’. A track from the upcoming Potluck Presents: Dank Alumni album set to hit the stores in the later part of the year.

And then, once the weed smoke cleared out the back door, a lonely DJ graced the stage set up his shit, grabbed the microphone affixed to his table, and let out a roar: “EVERYONE GET TO THE MOTHERFUCKIN’ STAGE! FELLAS GET TO THE MOTHERFUCKIN’ STAGE! LADIES GET TO THE MOTHERFUCKIN’ STAGE! IF YOU’RE OUTSIDE, GET INSIDE AND GET TO THE MOTHERFUCKIN’ STAGE!” and proceeded to hype the crowd up going through a slue of songs from BTNH, to Snoop Dogg, to Tupac, to Eminem, back to BTNH. And then it happened, one by one and slowly but surely each member; Kuniva, Swifty, Maestro, and Bizarre all slammed the stage with their show! They took to the stage like an epileptic to a strobe light and killed it! They did tracks from every video they shot, that got airplay, they did songs from the re-up, and gaggle of songs from their studio releases. I’m honestly not that into the group so I couldn’t tell you what song was what, but I do know that somewhere in there they took 2 breaks during their hour long stint. On the first break the ground cracked, shook, and quaked and King Gordy erupted from the confines of the “D” and ripped the microphone. Then the second break the group took time at the end of their set to do their last song, but before the song they sent their shout outs and respect to their fallen brethren Proof and Bugz.

The show was pretty dope and if you still haven’t had the chance to see it, and know it’s headed your way be sure to hit it up, because you can get Dazed and you can get Dirty, but you never had quite like this until you see the ‘Dazed and Dirty Tour’.




  • Peabody's Concert Club
  • Ohio
  • United States


  • Stranger Haze & Animal House


  • Dazed N Dirty Tour

Record Label:

  • Shady Records / Suburban Noize Records


  • Whipstick

Review Date:

  • 09/16/2009


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