June 10, 2023
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Psychopathic Radio archives with Faygoluvers Anonymous!!

Last night Psychopathic Radio was in full effect with the shows 2RAW4FM, and Faygoluvers Anonymous with Big Ian.  I caught the last half of DC & Origix’s show,

Wrestling article about cop characters features Colt Cabana of the JCW!

Our JCW homie KG hit us up with a new article that was just posted on APBweb.com.  It goes into detail about wrestlers who use a cop gimmick

KidCrusher’s “The Drain” radio show is back TONIGHT!

Our homie KidCrusher is back with an all new episode of “The Drain” radio show at HatchetRadio.com! When does it (re)debut?  How about TONIGHT at 7:30 PM CST?!

ICP Apologizes for sound fuck-ups during Hatchet Attacks

So I unfortunately wasn’t able to watch the entire stream of Hatchet Attacks.  I did hear some audio rips of some of the live ICP

The Mighty Death Pop changes yet again?!

So the image of the Mighty Death Pop has changed…yet again!  Check the featured image and get your mind blown!  I’m not sure if there’s a

Tonight on Psychopathic Radio: Faygoluvers Anonymous & 2RAW4FM!

Tonight’s a big night for those of you who are fans of Psychopathic Radio!  First,  we start off with our homies Origix & DC who will

Bobcat Goldthwait at the Gathering?!

Guess who is the first comedian to be announced for the Gathering of the Juggalos? It’s muthafuckin Bobcat Goldthwait, aka Zed from the Police Academy movies!  That’s

Coolio on TOSH.0 last night with Hatchetman prominently displayed!

Are any of you Juggalos and Juggalettes a fan of Daniel Tosh and his TV show TOSH.0?  If so, you probably know that last night was

The Juggalo Gathering: EVERYONE should go at least once!

Earlier today, BuzzFeed.com posted a list of 10 things that you haven’t tried but probably should.  So InsaneClownPosse.com picked up on this, and used it as a

ABK’s “The Warpath” on Psychopathic Radio TONIGHT!

I know we already posted about the ABK Puppet contest earlier today, but you better make sure you go ahead and get your votin’ on NOW

Dope Spiderman “blink” cover with Hatchetman!

We got hit up by KillaMO187 who had a chance to hit a comic con in Traverse City, MI this past weekend, and he was able to talk

Vote on ABK’s Warpath Puppet Contest entries!

On a recent episode of ABK‘s “The Warpath” on PsychopathicRadio.com, there was a contest for ninjas to put together the freshest ABK puppet you could!  There

HatchetRadio is BAAACK!

Well, HatchetRadio never really went away, but it is newly revamped with a dope ass website built by Australia’s own KidCrusher!  Speaking of KidCrusher, his radio

Mighty Death Pop review??

This article is just about 2 months old, but apparently the author has already had their chance to hear Insane Clown Posse‘s “The Mighty Death

Tech N9ne Hints At ‘The Noose’ Sequel – Memorial Day Interview

‘The Noose’ by far is one of Tech’s most emotional songs throughout his long career. Strange Music’s General took the time to sit down and