September 29, 2023
8 Guests and Online

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Wave One of Astronomicon Guest Announcements Now Complete!

It’s creepin’ up on us slowly but surely, homies. Astronomicon 3 is goin’ down February 7th to the 9th, 2020 in Sterling Heights, MI. As

Vampiro Vs. Mental Health: Help Support Vampiro Receive Stem Cell Replacement Therapy By The End Of The Year

Alright, ninjas. This ones gonna be a hard one to post. Recently our homie Vampiro has been going through some very difficult times. I was

Flint, Michigan’s King 810 Announces Mini Midwest Tour! Kicks Off In Two Days Starting In Mansfield, Ohio!

It’s time to mosh ‘n’ roll! King  810, the controversial leaders  of modern Flint, Michigan heavy metal have announced they will embark on a mini

Freeze Martian Prepares to Release New Album, “Strange Brew”

Connecticut’s own Freeze Martian will be delivering a genre bending new EP entitled, “Strange Brew,” this October. This release will look to combine a wide

Sign the Petition To Keep ‘Trick-r-Treating’ on October 31st, Halloween Night!

Halloween is the most important holiday in the Juggalo calendar. It’s like Juggalo Christmas! Don’t get me wrong, Christmas is dope as fuck too but

New Podcast “The Bonecast” Hosted by Bonez Dubb Coming Soon!

When my job didn’t involve me having to actually talk to people, I was a huge fan of podcasts. I’d listen to everything from The

Faygoluvers Presents: The Top 50 Juggalo Favorite Rappers of All-Time!

We all know there’s been a few of these Top 50 Best Rappers of All-Time lists going around. I check ’em out, and there’s always

Poizonous Logik Launch New Web Store & New Single Featuring Strange Music’s ¡Mayday!

Arizona based duo Poizonous Logik has begun preparation for the impending release of their latest full length, “No Cure for Us.” You can find the

Strange Music’s 2019 Back to School Sale Happening Now! Save 50% Off Select Items

What items do you usually purchase for back-to-school season? Binders, pencils, probably an iPad, thousands and thousands of dollars in textbooks, and of course your

Hip-Hop DX And Their Anonymous Source Lied About Willie D And Scarface (Geto Boys) Not Doing A Moment Of Silence For The Late Bushwick Bill. THEY DID!

The most important rule inside journalism is to fact check. It’s sacredly significantly important, especially in the digital age dealing with bullshit stories constantly going

No Juggalos Allowed Into “It: Chapter Two” Clown-Only Screenings is a real horror news website updated daily and from the look of it, it’s pretty fresh. The perfect website for horror film fans

Soopa Heroez Shirts, Ghoul Masks, G-Mo Playstation Decals and More Available at!

Twiztid and the rest of the Majik Ninja family just got finished with the 2nd leg of the Generation Nightmare tour. Yesterday over at

GWAR Releasing New Deck Building Game “GWAR vs. Time!”

I’ll be the first to admit, I don’t play board games. I’m not into roll playing games or deck building games. I used to play

David Gunn of King 810 Announces In-store Book Signing For “Summertime in Murdertown: how I survived where the best die” Novel

When David Gunn of King 810 is not recording fresh tracks, he’s busy writing novels.  His own book/memoir titled “Summertime in Murdertown: how I survived

Downtown Throwdown Goin’ Down August 3rd with Vanilla Ice, Coolio, Color Me Badd and More!

I know that The Gathering of the Juggalos isn’t usually held near the west coast so if any of you ninjas in Cali aren’t going