February 2, 2023
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Twiztid & Source Point Press Releasing Haunted High-Ons Graphic Novel/Trade Paperback!

I’ll admit, even though I’m not 100% caught up, I’m a huge comic book fan and was pretty fuckin’ happy when I heard that Twiztid

Check out Green Jellÿ Featured on Trailer Park Boys: Park After Dark!

Q: What do you get when you combine 1992 MTV one-hit-wonder Green Jellÿ and Juggalo favorite crew The Trailer Park Boys? A: A raided fridge,

Metallic Shock Rockers Gwar Unveil David “Oderus Urungus” Brockie (RIP) Memorial Site

This is teary eyed news but also uplifting. For those who’ve been down with Gwar over the last three decades or so, for sure know

Alexander “Less Legs” Perkins Allegedly Crashes Golf Cart at Gathering, Sparking Lawsuit

TMZ is at it again, ninjas. For the record, even though we’re posting this news, we still try our best to not be like TMZ

Flint Michigan’s King 810 Announces Devils Night Show At The Sanctuary Near Detroit!

Those who are in Michigan and wanting to experience the heavier side of music during Devils Night on October 30th, you’re in luck! Flint’s King

Faygoluvers Presents: The Complete Psychopathic Records & Majik Ninja Entertainment Discography!

For you ninjas that are at least 25 and above, who remembers going on the OG Juggalo news sites back in the day like RealJuggalos.com,

RoxxxTv Holding Auction To Help Support Company Upgrade

Our homies over at RoxxxTv.com are holding an auction to help support the growth of their company and they definitely have some super-fresh, super-unique items

Legendary Toy Company Hasbro Now Owns Iconic Gangsta Rap Label Death Row Records?!

In the mainstream world of weird turn of entertainment events. The mega toy giant Hasbro now officially owns the rights to one of the most

Wave One of Astronomicon Guest Announcements Now Complete!

It’s creepin’ up on us slowly but surely, homies. Astronomicon 3 is goin’ down February 7th to the 9th, 2020 in Sterling Heights, MI. As

Vampiro Vs. Mental Health: Help Support Vampiro Receive Stem Cell Replacement Therapy By The End Of The Year

Alright, ninjas. This ones gonna be a hard one to post. Recently our homie Vampiro has been going through some very difficult times. I was

Flint, Michigan’s King 810 Announces Mini Midwest Tour! Kicks Off In Two Days Starting In Mansfield, Ohio!

It’s time to mosh ‘n’ roll! King  810, the controversial leaders  of modern Flint, Michigan heavy metal have announced they will embark on a mini

Freeze Martian Prepares to Release New Album, “Strange Brew”

Connecticut’s own Freeze Martian will be delivering a genre bending new EP entitled, “Strange Brew,” this October. This release will look to combine a wide

Sign the Petition To Keep ‘Trick-r-Treating’ on October 31st, Halloween Night!

Halloween is the most important holiday in the Juggalo calendar. It’s like Juggalo Christmas! Don’t get me wrong, Christmas is dope as fuck too but

New Podcast “The Bonecast” Hosted by Bonez Dubb Coming Soon!

When my job didn’t involve me having to actually talk to people, I was a huge fan of podcasts. I’d listen to everything from The

Faygoluvers Presents: The Top 50 Juggalo Favorite Rappers of All-Time!

We all know there’s been a few of these Top 50 Best Rappers of All-Time lists going around. I check ’em out, and there’s always