May 25, 2024
7 Guests and Online

Fresh Tracks

Trizz – “What Is This?” (ft. TF)


Primeval – “Nearly Departed”

Splatter House is the all new album from Primeval boasting twelve brand new songs. From start to finish you will be transported to another time

Pony The Incredible – “Get Lost!”

Trilogy – “Nobody Helpin'” (ft. Sami & Twiztid)

Purchase the single via iTunes:

Beyond Top Secret – “MOSHFIGHT”

MOSHFIGHT by Beyond Top Secet Beyond Top Secret (Freeze Martian, Xplizt & DJ Danny Damnage) have returned, with their NEW single “MOSHFIGHT”! Available on all

Sinista Gangxtaz – “Piledriver”


Toon Khaos – “Warfare”

Stranglez – “All Wicked”


Dead Poet Devil – “The Devil Made Me Do It”

TC – “Somethin 2 Aim At”

Download/stream “The Wood Chipper Chronicles”:

EZekiel – “Mental Growth”


Psychopathic Rydas – “Ryda Holiday”

ICP – “Santa’s A Fat Bitch”

G-Mo Skee – “Filthmas”

Liquid Assassin – “Jungle Juice”

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