September 28, 2023
16 Guests and Online

Fresh Tracks

Toon Khaos – “Warfare”

Stranglez – “All Wicked”


Dead Poet Devil – “The Devil Made Me Do It”

TC – “Somethin 2 Aim At”

Download/stream “The Wood Chipper Chronicles”:

EZekiel – “Mental Growth”


Psychopathic Rydas – “Ryda Holiday”

ICP – “Santa’s A Fat Bitch”

G-Mo Skee – “Filthmas”

Liquid Assassin – “Jungle Juice”

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Kold-Bloded – “Stomp” (ft. Death+ & Ouija Macc)


InFeXoUs – “Killing Santa”

Spooky Z – “Lullaby”

This single marks the first solo music in 8 years (Death Poetry Jam, 2011) to come from the OG Leatherface of Hip Hop, Spooky Z.

Menacide – “Livin’ Proof” (ft. Big Proof)

Crackle Kapone – “Lately” (ft DJ Clay)

When you cant explain your feelings , when you cant express the true happenings within yourself you are faced with #Alexithymia Let this audio masterpiece flow thru

Sutter Kain & Rev Fang Gory – “Death” (ft. Razakel)

Death (Feat. Razakel) by Sutter Kain & Rev Fang Gory