June 14, 2024
9 Guests and Online

Fresh Tracks

Bleed The Wicked Menace – “Flava In Ya Ear” [Freestyle]


Creature Clique – “Creature”

ARay – “Bad On My Own” (ft. CLAAS & Hard Jawz)

Young Loc – “Bow Down” (ft. Just Truth)

Los C – “Like This Before”

Psych Ward Kidz – “Goosebumps”

Humble Lunatic – “Levels”

Crackle Kapone – “Filth”

Menacide – “The Royal Cypher” (ft. McNastee, Danny Drive By, Jay Reno, Dubbs, Sleep Lyrical, DJ Shakelous, DJ Ruffhouse, Renigade)


Optymus – “Freebird”


Snypa Da Prophet – “Trap House 2018”

Kayo D – “Cheerleader Sandwiches” (ft. Godemis and DJ Clay)

Hiway – “Gotta Have It” (ft. King Iso)

Riddy K – “Serpents”

Karimelamin – “Brain Ritalin”