February 23, 2024
17 Guests and Online

Fresh Tracks

Deranged House – “Tha DH Cypha 2019”

Deranged House presents Tha DH Cypha featuring all 6 members of Deranged House dropping a 16 bar verse on that ass.  VERSES 1st- Poltergeist 2nd-

Shock and Dash – “3 Kills On The Mic”

3 kills on the mic by Shock and Dash

Psych Ward Kidz – “Insane Like Me”

Produced by Michael McKay aka Frak Beats Mixed & Mastered by Jeremiah Chubbs Akers with Soundproof Studios Edmonton Art work by Christian Ari with Nothin

BARZ! – “Cash Money Tempo”

Written & Produced by BARZ! Co-Produced by Tryfe Recorded & Mixed @ Cold Clock Studios by Kyle Layng 1st Single from “Third Time’s A Charm”

The Michigan Misfits – “Not Like You”

JusMyLuck – “All She Does Is Fuck Me”

Project Born – “Lost It”

Deranged House – “Jealousy”

Deranged House presents Jealousy 2019. Verse order: Monster Loco Skreem Machine Troubl3z Poltergeist

Freeze Martian – “Freeze Pop”

Freeze Martian is back at it with his single “Freeze Pop” off of his up-coming EP “Freeze Pop” dropping April 20th on Mercy Counts Records!

Shock & Dash – “Medicated”

Medicated. by Shock and Dash This is the 11th release from Shock & Dash called Medicated. It’s our anthem in Colorado. Home of the Medicated

Clownvis – “Touch My Body” (ft. Squiggle Worm)

Clownvis was against this from the beginning. He told his manager he didn’t to collaborate with a worm. No offense to insects or other dirt

Trash – “Savage” (ft. Chucky Chuck)

Shock & Dash – “Knockin'”

Knockin by Shock & Dash This is a very special song. It’s called knockin. It’s about how Shock&Dash have been at it together for 10years.

Razakel – “Final Climax” (ft. The Slice Girls & Smallz One)


Trizz – “What Is This?” (ft. TF)