June 14, 2024
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Twiztid Announces New Projects including House of Krazees at Astronomicon 7 Panel!

This year’s Astronomicon 7 is officially in the books, and it was definitely finds a way to keep topping itself!  From the vendors, photo opps, concerts, and everything else they have to offer, you need to make it a point to make it out to the next one!

The final event of Astronomicon was the Twiztid panel where they discuss Astro, their current projects, and anything else those in attendance choose to bring up.

For those who don’t know, I’m a HUGE fan of House of Krazees, so anytime something HOK drops, count me in.  We got probably the biggest HOK news in decades dropped today!

First, they are celebrating 31 years of House of Krazees!  There’s a whole new House of Krazees album in the works!  The R.O.C. has been sending beats to lyrics that Madrox and Monoxide have already written that have completely blown them away!  Madrox said that R.O.C’s production is on a whole other level for this one!

There’s also a big show featuring HOK in the works.  It sounds like they will be a bigger part of Fright Fest this year, so for those on the fence about heading to Detroit for that, hopefully that helps with your decision.

Other than HOK, they spoke about the new Twiztid rock record that was announced last year.  It’s produced by Zeuss (who has done work with Rob Zombie among others).  The first taste we’ll get of that will come in the form of a 7″ picture disc that will feature two singles.  One of the singles which a video has already been shot for is called “Dance on my Grave”.

Monoxide was really happy with the way Chainsmoker II came out and said that there will be a Chainsmoker III!  He also hinted at a new Madrox solo but that wasn’t expanded on.

Finally, they spoke about some of the wish list guests that they had for Astronomicon which included Cassandra PetersonCheech & ChongMister T, and Robert Englund.  They said all but Mister T were still possibilities.

Thanks to our homie Lisa, FLH was able to capture a majority of the panel.  You can see that here:

That’s gonna do it for our Astronomicon coverage!  We hope to see you at the next one!



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