June 14, 2024
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The Underground Avengers announce new album: OBLIVION!

If you missed Astronomicon 7, then you probably already know that you fucked up!  One thing we got is a rare performance from the Underground Avengers!

For those who are in the dark about UGA, this is a super group featuring CLAAS, Boondox, and Bukshot!  There’s not a single release that isn’t an absolute banger!

For their performance at Attack of the Ninjas, all three members of the Underground Avengers came out donning brand new jerseys with this logo:

Click to enlarge!

On the back of the jersey it says Oblivion which is confirmed to be the new album name!  Other than that, Bukshot mentioned that the album was just about complete!

Check the back of the jersey for the Oblivion title and logo!

There is no set release date yet, but we’ll make sure to bring you the latest info as soon as it drops!

One more thing of note is that Majik Ninja Entertainment shared the logo as well.  The past few UGA releases have been Mobstyle releases, so could MNE be releasing this one?  Or are they just showing love to a side project of one of their signed artists?  Let the speculation begin!


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