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Albums & Singles You May Have Missed w/ Strange Music, Bio Killaz, McNastee, Crossworm & More!

Every autumn season tons of albums and singles get released. And some accidently get overlooked because we’re busy bumping other freshness. So we here at Faygoluvers.net wanted to remind you about these albums and singles you may have missed that deserve to be listened to!

Strange Music and Tech N9ne recently announced the long awaited return of NNUTTHOWZE with the fresh new EPSiqnaling The Siqly’.  With Tech N9ne diving back into musical darkness alongside Zkeircrow, Phlaque The Grimstress King Iso, X-Raided and Seuss Mace! 

From Strange Music:

“In an exciting move just in time for Halloween, Tech N9ne Presents: NNUTTHOWZE Siqnaling The Siqly is now available! Released on October 31 of 2023, Tech N9ne joins Zkeircrow and Phlaque The Grimstress to give you the perfect soundtrack for the spookiest time of year. Featuring the singles “The Siqnal” and “What Happened To You?” along with features from King Iso, X-Raided and Seuss Mace, this EP is sure to light up your playlists!”  You can support Siqnaling The Siqly’. via Strange Music here:https://www.strangemusicinc.net/product_info.php?products_id=21775

The late and great Detroit emcee P.H.D. just released his posthumous solo debut LP  ‘Poor, Hungry, Determined’. A mad fresh LP that properly showcases the raw talented rap skills of P.H.D.  You can support ‘Poor, Hungry, Determined’  via Bandcamp below!

Wicked Underground Michigan duo Bio Killaz (Saint Sinna and Klept) continues keeping the wicked shit alive with their slasher urban legend 5 track EP ‘Bo Peep’! All focused on the Bo Peep killer.

From Bio Killaz’ Official Website:

“Slashing it’s way through the Underground comes the “Bo Peep” Killer to cause mayhem throughout your Halloween weekend!! Join us on an the tale of the urban legend of the Bo Peep killer. A serial killer only imagined and rumored to terrorize college campus’ all across the midwest…. until now. Bo Peep is headed nationwide to wreak havoc at every given opportunity this weekend. Stay on the lookout, for the Bo Peep Killer!!!” You can support ‘Bo Peep’ via Apple Music here: https://music.apple.com/us/album/bo-peep-ep/1711084604

Detroit emcee Astray recently released a fresh 5 track EP entitled ‘Loosies’!  A solid EP that proves Astray’s microphone skills should never be slept on! You an support ‘Loosies’ through Apple Music here: https://music.apple.com/au/album/loosies-ep/1712865637

Long-time Arizona Wicked Underground emcee McNastee recently dropped his latest bar smasher  single “Walt Disney’s  Head in a Jar” via the ‘Ripe for the Devil’ compilation. You can download the entire ‘Ripe for the Devil’ compilation for free at these links here:

FLAC: https://mega.nz/folder/AoMWHbRY#Wtw1lWZodVR73GKBHJfJJQ

(Decryption key: #Wtw1lWZodVR73GKBHJfJJQ)

MP3: https://mega.nz/folder/RwFABAoD#-nSzo4vcBj5OGLBwkZJNIg

(Decryption key: #-nSzo4vcBj5OGLBwkZJNIg)

Grand Rapids, Michiang recording artist Crossworm’s ‘Heathan’ (Dirtcore Music) LP further expands on Crossworm’s melodic talent through synthwave style production. You can bump ‘Heathan’ right below!

Bukshot (Mobstyle  Music) continues his wicked spree with the ‘Hunter Games’ LP feat. Twiztid, Str8jaket, Wrekonize, Young Wicked and more! Fans can support hard copies of ‘Hunter Games’ through this authentic Mobstyle Music link here: https://mobstylemusic.com/shop/

Last but not least. Gibby Stites recently paid homage to the classic Castlevania video game franchise through his latest effort ‘iLLVANiA: Aria of Horrors’. You can support ‘iLLVANiA: Aria of Horrors’ through this authentic link here:https://tinyurl.com/acxdeu7r



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  1. Struggalo

    Comment posted on Sunday, November 5th, 2023 07:46 pm GMT -5 at 7:46 pm

    Nah, Gibby is DEFINITELY last AND least.

  2. 80FOE

    Comment posted on Monday, November 6th, 2023 08:15 am GMT -5 at 8:15 am

    Is it REALLY paying homage to the series though, when literally ALL Gibby does is take ideas from the 90s? Like, he literally has NO original ideas, JUST copies everything he knows we all liked growing up. Like I said before, him and lameO skeet have nothing original in their heads, they just clout chase 90s shit.
    If Gibby tried to release something without dickriding something from the 90s, he’d literally never release anything.
    Wack AF.

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