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Twiztid “The Green Book” 20th Anniversary Show is Going Down Oct 30th in Detroit!

On Tuesday, July 1st, 2003, Twiztid released their magnum opus third  studio album, “The Green Book”! It was widely regarded as an instant classic amongst the underground rap scene and was/still is particularly favored by many Juggalos. As the cult favorite LP properly showcased the raw and honest sound that Twiztid had become known for in such a short time, from 1997 through 2003. “The Green Book” was an outward expression of how Twiztid felt about life at that time. With cold lyrics that were brimming with substance and touches of dark comedy, the brainsick content deeply resonated with their fan base who could relate to the struggles they faced in life. Even though quite a few songs addressed difficult topics such as depression and suicidal thoughts, many still found solace knowing that there were others who shared similar experiences.


From the vivid murderously haunting track “Marsh Lagoon” to the nu-metal tinged headbanger “Darkness”, Twiztid pushed the underworld of hip-hop straight into the depths of hell and back thanks to the demented duo’s leveled up rhyme schemes, that blended brilliantly  on top of Fritz the Cat’s influential experimental atmospheric production.  The extra icing amongst the mad freshness that is “The Green Book” are the dope features from the likes of Violent J, Esham, Layzie Bone, E- 40, Blaze Ya Dead Homie, and even Tech N9ne, as their superb bars also helped launch “The Green Book” into the stratosphere of underground rap greatness for decades to come.

*Rough translation from a Japan Twiztid fan who supported “The Green Book” and left an Amazon.com review comment during the 4th of July 2003.*

“I have almost all of Twizid’s CDs, but this one gives me hip-hop that is far more catchy than “Mostasteless” or “Freek Show”. (For some reason the last song is Rock) What’s more, it contains 20 songs, and various artists have participated in it, making it a great bargain!! I bought this one! I mean, it’s a loss if you don’t buy it!!!”


And now Majik Ninja Entertainment have awesomely announced that this years  2023 Fright Fest will be Twiztid’s “The Green Book” 20 Year Anniversary Show! It’ll be taking place Monday, October 30th at Saint Andrew’s Hall in Detroit, Michigan! Joining Twiztid will be Blaze Ya Dead Homie, Anybody Killa, Boondox The Scarecrow, and gothic rockers The Funeral Portrait!

Artist and LiveNation presale will be live tomorrow, Thursday, May 18th from 10am – 10pm by using the presale code GREENBOOK at https://bit.ly/GreenBookShow

Tickets and VIP on sale to the public Friday, May 19th @ 10am here: http://Twiztid.VIP

Standard VIP Packages Include:
🟢 Meet & Greet w/Twiztid
🟢 VIP Pass & Lanyard
🟢 “The Green Book” 11×17 Poster
🟢 “The Green Book” Wall Flag
🟢 “The Green Book” Sticker Pack
🟢 “The Green Book” Trading Card
🟢 Special VIP Edition “The Green Book” CD
🟢 All Packaged in An Exclusive Box

Silver VIP Package (Limited to 50) Include:
🟢 All items from the Standard VIP Package
🟢 Numbered Sterling Silver “The Green Book” Logo Charm

Gunmetal VIP Package (Limited to 10) Include:
🟢 All items from the Standard VIP Package
🟢 Numbered Gunmetal “The Green Book” Logo Charm



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  1. Carnivalkilla44


    Comment posted on Wednesday, May 17th, 2023 07:32 pm GMT -6 at 7:32 pm

    Well damn, that’s not Woosta… Green Book is Twiztid’s best album. Period. I’ll be making the trip to Detroit. Frightfest at St Andrew’s is something every juggalo should experience IMO.

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