May 25, 2024
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SQUID PISSER – “The Everlasting Bloat” from MY TADPOLE LEGION LP Available for purchase as 12″ LP and CASSETTE TAPE here:…

Tommy Meehan (Cancer Christ, Deaf Club) and Seth Carolina (Starcrawler) team up with Nicky Calonne (Nekrogoblikon) on the second single from their debut LP release, “My Tadpole Legion”.

Synopsis: The Squid Boys disguise themselves as Cow People, People from the Future, and even lampshades as they explore the serene and overgrown jungle sections of the LA RIVER… They visit a video store, see a snail, play with time itself at the ancient time clock, and even pet a dog as they pray to The Humongous Cephalopod of the cosmos that Nicky doesn’t use a ball peen hammer on their skulls while he’s in SQUID MODE… Lyrically, The Everlasting Bloat tackles important economic and socio-political issues… SQUID PISSER’s debut release, MY TADPOLE LEGION, is a mutated smorgasbord of songs and guest vocalists from projects like: MELT BANANA, NEKROGOBLIKON, CANCER CHRIST, PUNCH, THE LOCUST, WACKO, and more. Also featured prominently is John Clardy of TERA MELOS on drums for 3 of the songs. The album was picked up by Justin Pearson’s THREE ONE G label and is being released in conjunction with Tommy’s own SWEATBAND RECORDS (one of several collaborative releases the two have put out together over the last few years.) Shot and Directed by: Max Winston Edited by: Tommy Meehan VFX by: Displaced/Replaced

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